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Default Re: How many sub-200 pound champions would Johansson beat?

Originally Posted by ChrisPontius
Let's make a list here.

Jack Dempsey
Dempsey very likely takes this one by KO. Too much power, handspeed and all that. Johansson has a chance if he lands the right hand early when Jack (ideally, when Jack is in the process of throwing a punch), but i think Dempsey wins most of the time.
Dempsey KO

Gene Tunney
I think Johansson stops him. Tunney's chin at heavyweight is pretty untested - he only fought one heavyweight puncher twice and was nearly out on one occasion. I think Johansson's right catches him sooner or later, without a long count. Tunney probably outboxes him if that doesn't happen, though.
Johansson by KO.

Max Schmeling
This fight is pretty hard to call. Battle of the right hands. Both have relatively weak jaws, but i'd go with Johansson because his right hand is a one-punch bomb whereas Schmeling was more of an attrition puncher.
Johansson by KO

Jack Sharkey
I think Johansson finds Sharkey with a good 1-2 and takes him out somewhere from the middle rounds. Sharkey might be ahead on the cards at that time.
Johansson by KO

James Braddock
Johansson, probably by decision. Braddock was a tough cookie with an iron jaw: if he's going to upset any other champion, it may well be Johansson for the same reasons he beat Baer. However, i think Johansson should be favored here.
Johansson by decision

Joe Louis
Johansson has a puncher's chance, but a pretty limited one. I wouldn't be surprised if Louis destroys Ingo in a single round (like Schmeling II).
Louis by KO

Jersey Joe Walcott
Walcott is the superior boxer in here and carries a pretty big punch too, but probably lacks the aggression to finish things in case he puts Ingo on his seat like he did Louis. Johansson has a punchers chance, but i'd go with Walcott.
Walcott UD

Ezzard Charles
Charles is definitely the more skilled boxer, though he seemed to slug it out often. Similar to the Walcott fight, i think Charles outboxes him (without knocking him down) and winning a hard-fought decision.
Charles UD

Rocky Marciano
Similar to the Baer fight, this is one of those battles that Johansson is not likely to ever win. Marciano might have trouble connecting for a few rounds, but sooner or later he will. And that will be it.
Marciano by KO

Floyd Patterson
We already saw what happened, Patterson won the series by a close 2-1. Johansson did appear to be out of shape in the third fight, which could've gone either way, though.
Patterson by KO

Leon Spinks
Johansson by knockout. Not much explanation needed here i guess.
Johansson by KO

So, all-in-all, that would make his record against them a 5-6.

Edit: Baer and Carnera obviously shouldn't be on the list.

Pretty good post and ****ysis. The only thing is that he wouldn't stop Tunney, he'd drop a wide decision IMO. Plus I'd make Schmeling a sure fave, and Sharkey would stand a fair chance on one of his best nights as well.

Interestingly enough from an alll-time perspective I have Patterson ahead of Schmeling career wise but if those two were to meet at their best I think Schmeling would edge it.
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Default Re: How many sub-200 pound champions would Johansson beat?

Ingo has a puncher's chance against all of them, in my judgement. Here's how I see him doing:

1. Corbett--Corbett by decision or KO

2. Fitz--I like Ingo in an upset, figuring he will stay away for a few rounds and Fitz will not be able to take his right. Fitz win no surprise, though.

3. Hart--Ingo heavy favorite to score ko

4. Burns--Ingo heavy favorite to score ko

5. Dempsey--Dempsey should knock Ingo out.

6. Tunney--Tunney should win by decision, but this is a fight I would like to see to get a guage on Tunney with a bigger man who can box some and has a punch. I like Tunney's jab as the difference.

7. Schmeling--I think Ingo is all wrong for Max and carries more power. I go with Ingo in an upset.

8. Sharkey--Ingo by ko as Sharkey blows it.

9. Braddock--Ingo by decision.

10. Charles--Charles too good of a boxer and ko's Ingo late.

11. Walcott--If Walcott fights aggresively, he wins easy, I think. If he gets into a tactical match, things could get interesting. I favor Walcott.

12. Marciano--Likely to ko Ingo early or late depending on when he catches up with him. I think Rocky is one of the tougher matches for Ingo as he will really press him.

13. Patterson--Floyd wins two of three

14. Ellis--Ingo by ko

15. Spinks--Ingo by ko

I have Ingo going 8-7. Not bad.
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