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P4P King
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Default Re: Postman Pat beats Sonny Liston

Given that you clearly used boxrec as a beacon to determine the age of Michael Dokes and assumed that he was in his prime in 1983, while being shot against Evander Holyfield in 1989

Never did I say shot, all I said was dokes looked faster and sharper on film in the early 1980s than he did vs holyfield. he may have been drug free in 1989, but he still did not have the youth speed and sharp reflexes anymore. while better mentally in 1989, he was not better physically.

Watching films? You claim that Holyfield " gassed " in his first fight against Rid**** Bowe, when in fact he was extremely competitive in the closing rounds of that fight. Did you see it?

seen it too many times, holyfield took huge huff and puffs alot during the fight, the knockdown in round 11 was more from exhaustion then anything

As for Machen's lack of preparation against Ingo, well I'd say that being prepared was Machen's responsibility and not Johansson's. Nevertheless, you use this excuse to strip Ingo of all credit for that win, hence showing your partiallness towards the fighters that you favor. You also seem to have a bone to pick with fighters of European background
strip all credibility? Dude If im not mistaken I think I was the one who uploaded the fight to youtube(the sam mcvea and bob baker and carmine vingo footage is all mine) to allow fans to see how destrutive ingos right hand was. Ive praised him many times on a huge technique with his right hand that we would do on film that allowed him to generate more energy into his punch, how tyson was the only other fighter to do it.

Your the only who made a thread trying to claim roland lastarza as being at one point the greatest defensive heavyweight fighter of all time. are u kidding me? Its common knowledge jimmy fats Dangelo steered lastarza awat from every live dangerous top conteder of that era(Mostly black ones) so he could protect lastarza from losing so he could get his promised rematch title shot vs marciano. still lastarza managed to almost screw that up losing to clubfighter rocky jones, whom Im told on cyberboxing after flooring lastarza in the rematch was told to take it easy for the rest of the fight. it looked like a fix was in order. lastarza on film had good blocking skills high gaurd, but his head movement upperbody movement and footwork are nowhere near like say a zora folley or eddie machen on film.
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The Kurgan
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Default Re: Postman Pat beats Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by SuzieQ49
The kurgen responds!! hey how ya doin bud, hadvnt talked to you in ages. hope everythings goin well. so nice of you to drop in.
I'm on my summer holidays from uni; I'm working in my home town right now. How about you? How is college going?

Originally Posted by Suzie
Now am I being sarcastic or just being polite and respectful? we dont know do we? I guess thats the privaledge of being behind a computer vs face to face.
Given that you've demonstrated a great sense of humour in the past, I was really just going for an attempt at a witty aside. Given that I've read nearly every one of your posts on this site over the years, you can be sure I have a better grasp of your personality than most.
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Marciano Frazier
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Default Re: Postman Pat beats Sonny Liston

Originally Posted by AREA 53
I'm Sure Telegram Sam once beat Postman Pat !?
Can you produce any newspaper records to back up your remarkable claim regarding this purported unrecorded bout?
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