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Damnum Absque Injuria
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Default Overall Rating of Locche

Hi, everyone. This is my first posting foray into the Classic Forum. I want to preface this question by expressing my general sense of awe at the diversity and overall amount of boxing knowledge that I've read from some of the posters around here. I'm a young man and have only strongly followed the game for a couple years and hence am incredibly impressed at people who appear to be more knowledgeable than I am not only about the present, but many, disparate eras in the past.

With that, I've seen some of the posters that I respect make mention of the defensive prowess of Argentine fighter Nicolino Locche--most recently, Sweet Pea in the perfect, aggregate defensive fighter thread. Piquing my curiosity, I sought what film I could of him on YouTube and was indeed impressed with his defensive abilities. Though, I'd like to be able to find more film (a different issue), I wanted to inquire with you all what your overall rating of him was in a historical sense. How far behind his defense was his offense? Where do you put him in the Top 100 ATG list?

Thanks for any comments.
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Sweet Pea
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Default Re: Overall Rating of Locche

I'm not sure how highly I'd rate him all time because he fought in relative obscurity in his country for the most part. However, he did prove his skills on a world class level with his white-wash win over Cervantes in their first fight, and by this point he was pretty much past his prime. He has good wins over guys like Joe Brown, Fuji, Perkins, Pruitt, Sixto Lavarez, and draws with the likes of Ortiz(very disputed however, given it was an Argentinian Decision) and Laguna(not sure how that one played out).

His resume in terms of names probably wouldn't qualify him as an ATG, but his consistency and in-ring skills would IMO. He was as skilled defensively as I've ever seen in boxing, with brilliant countering skills to go along with his bobbing and weaving defense.
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Bummy Davis
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Default Re: Overall Rating of Locche

He was amazing to watch great radar and defensive skills, in a class of his own and had some solid victorys
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Default Re: Overall Rating of Locche

I was just watching his stuff today..He had a fatherless style..One of my favorites ever
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