1950 BBOC world title fight

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    I’ve always wondered about this fight and am hoping someone can explain it to me... In 1950 Lee Savold and Bruce Woodcock fought for the BBOC title which was sanctioned as a WORLD title bout recognized by that organization only.

    was this some sort of a scandal ?
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    I don't think anyone took it seriously enough for it to be a scandal. Jack Solomons had wanted to shoehorn Woodcock into the World Title mix in the aftermath of Joe Louis's retirement.
    When he couldn't get any leverage in the States, he persuaded the Board to recognise the fight between Bruce and Savold. Woodcock had beaten Lee on a foul previously and, if Bruce could win again, Solomons would have banged the drum for a unification fight between Woodcock and Ezzard Charles or Joe Walcott.
    Bruce took a pasting from Savold and so the BBBoC Heavyweight Title was quietly ushered off stage. I'm sure Lee Savold would have won a beer or two by putting the question up in a few bars though.
    Before the War, the Board refused to recognise John Henry Lewis as Light Heavyweight Champion, giving their blessing to Plymouth's Boys' Own hero Len Harvey instead.
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    I think the British boxing authorities wanted to have a say in who became world champion after Joe Louis retired so they had their own elimination fight after their best heavyweight, Bruce Woodcock, wasn't invited to participate the elimination series which featured Jersey Joe Walcott and the winner of a semi-final match between Joey Maxim and Ezzard Charles. The NBA gave Walcott a bye in the semi-final part of the series because of his close bouts with Joe Louis and because he had already defeated top contenders Joey Maxim and Elmer Ray just before he had fought Louis, and the NBA therefore decided Walcott had already earned the right to fight the winner of the Maxim-Charles bout for the vacant title. The Brits thought otherwise. They figured that Walcott should have faced Woodcock in an elimination bout before being allowed to fight Charles for the title. So the BBOC allowed their big-time promoter Jack Solomons to bill a match between Lee Savold and Woodcock for its version of the title. Solomons had always dreamed of promoting a heavyweight championship bout, and under the circumstances the BBOC saw no reason not to accommodate him.

    I wouldn't call it a scandal. It was just a difference of opinion between the British and American governing bodies.
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    If Bruce had won, the title recognition may have remained split. The Brits wanted a heavyweight champ. When he lost to the journeyman Savold, though, the Brits didn't have much interest in Lee. And when Savold lost to Louis, who had lost a title fight to Charles, the BBBoC sort of gave a collective shrug and said 'let's just forget that ever happened.' And everyone did.

    If it ocurred today, Savold-Woodcock would've been for a WBO belt, and Louis would've won the WBO title from Savold and Rocky would've won it from Joe. And Walcott may have never fought Rocky.

    But, back then, they just said that whole Woodcock-Savold title thing was a 'bad idea.' Sorry about that. Our mistake. And everyone moved on. (LOL)
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    " the Greatest Prize in Sport! "

    the whole of the late 30s, 40s and 50s was all about a British Heavyweight Hope and the extent in which the UK greatly wanted it and Needed it actually devalued them (the Board, Promoters and Managers) for their chase of it...

    UNDERSTANDABLE though, "the Need"

    because Britain the Home of Boxing as we know it, could not get that Heavyweight Title.
    but their focus and respect should have just remained with what they had, especially in the Lower Weight Divisions, someone would have eventually come along.

    it was the same with their Automatic DQ Rule for a Low Blow, which 'Forced' the Famous 'Upright' British Stance (which indeed produced some fine lovely Boxers), but it denied it's fighters the rough & tumble for 'Fear of an Immediate DQ'...

    the Board did eventually drop the British Pride & Arrogance when they accepted 'their' Big Men needed to be more able to engage in order to Win titles, but it came late, where as the Yanks and other parts of the world already had the freedom to 'Mix it' for Decades ahead of them.

    British Pride is a powerful monster stil alive today, it has always been the downfall of the UK,
    Socially, Politically and in everyday existance, it's the worst part about both living in & loving Britain, an arrogant race really... it is especially recognized by Brits that have lived extensively in other parts of the world - most realise they have to drop the arrogance to fit in.

    But hey, ever place and people has it's faults.
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