2 fighters that debunk the myth...

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    Jul 9, 2020
    People say punchers are born not made. But what about Tyson fury and Canelo Alvarez? I think someone explained it through and through with wilder and fury's concussive power . He said "if you don't get deontay out of there within a few rounds he becomes as strong as a light heavyweight. Topple that with the fact that fury likes to physically maul and drain guys. All of a sudden those combo punches become concussive punches especially from a big man." Even sugar Hill was bragging about one punch power , what gives?

    As for Canelo, I am impressed with his punching power, and perhaps it was untapped potential, meaning he was a puncher all along?
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    Apr 30, 2017
    With Canelo he has literally gone from teenage boy to a man during his career and hits with text book technique and timing.

    As for Fury? Sorry but two stoppage wins over an exhausted Wilder don’t make him a puncher. I want to see this new Kronk style against someone else now, as it could tell us a lot
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