2006-Larry Holmes in Brawl with MMA Fighter?

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    "From mma.tv-

    Tonight at the gym (Larry Holmes Training Center) undefeated NHB fighter Carmello Morrero was putting on a brutal dirty fighting sparring match with Mark Holmes, Larry Holmes younger brother. Larry jumped into the ring and challenged him on the spot. Carmello objected but after being slapped in the face, squared up with the aging ex-champion. The resulting brawl was shocking. Holmes dropped Carmello with a 1-2 but Carmello jumped up and shot a double leg on Holmes lifting him high to the air and slamming him down thunderously. Holmes, incensed by this turn of event, crotch locked Carmello, amazingly wrestles back to his feet and TAKES HIM DOWN! After landing 5-6 punches Carmello was sleeping.
    Holmes afterward said Carmello taking him down pissed him off the most in that he was a great wrestler in his youth and this is why he was determined to wrestle back to his feet and take the guy down before pounding him out."---From sherdog.com poster.

    Anybody know anything about this and whether or not it's true?
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    Holmes is a ****ing G
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    Don't mess with Larry, he'll jump a car to get to you.:bbb

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    Note to self: Never **** off Larry Holmes.
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    That goes for me too!
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    Jan 28, 2007
    Well, I started going to Larry's gym in January, 2006 and did not see that happen. It wouldn't surprise me if it were indeed true, though, because Larry did not tolerate nonsense in the gym and I saw him kick a few people out who got out of hand in sparring and got mouthy. Usually, Holmes responded to those getting mouthy by telling them to shut up and get out of the gym.

    I saw Larry come very close in 2007/2008 to getting into a fight against some former professional lightheavy who apparently was a talented prospect in the 80s until he got into drugs. Larry was bigger, but the guy was still a decent size at about 6'1 - 6'2, 200lbs or so. The guy was being loud, obnoxious, and getting in everyone's way. Larry told him to knock it off, and the guy challenged Larry to get into the ring with him. The two were face to face and having a bit of a staring match, and Larry told him (I forget the exact words) "Why the hell should I get up into that ring to kick your ass when I can do it right here?" Larry was completely serious and the guy saw it and backed down.

    Although I had heard plenty of street fighting stories about Larry, I never actually saw him fight anyone. I know he was still actively sparring up until 4 or 5 years ago.

    I did, however, see Larry's older brother Floyd (RIP) get into a fight in 2007. There was a decent boxer who was about 6', 180-190 lbs of muscle who pissed Floyd off. I had always heard Floyd was a man you didn't want to **** off, but hadn't seen him angry yet. I don't remember what the guy said to Floyd, but Floyd was up on the ring apron watching one of the people he trained spar, and right when the guy said something Floyd snapped and said "Shut up right now." I've never heard a more serious or threatening shut up before in my life, however the guy did not take the hint. He mouthed off again and Floyd hopped off the ring apron, went over to the guy, punched him square in the face and took his head and put it through the drywall. Upon pulling the guy's head out of the drywall, he ripped out one of the guy's dreadlocks.

    Floyd was 62 years old when he did that.

    Larry's younger brother Mark used to line up 5 or 6 of us to spar him and he'd give us 2 rounds a piece. It was considered a good outing if you landed more than 5 punches on him. Despite Mark being in his 50s and being out of shape, he'd hop into the ring and make fools out of all of us without throwing a punch (that is not an exageration, he only hit the professional fighters, not the amateurs). He didn't care how big the people were, he'd spar 'em all. Not once did I see someone come close to beating Mark. I saw people get dirty with him out of frustration a few times, but Mark could more than hold his own with the dirty tactics as well, even though dirty fighting when unappreciated in the gym.

    From the 6 years I spent at Larry's gym, I learned a lot about the Holmes's. First, they are all incredibly friendly people. I've met a lot of champions and hall of fame fighters, very few are as fan friendly as Larry Holmes. Floyd Holmes was also a very nice guy and he was hilarious. Mark is a nice guy and will talk to anyone.

    That being said, the common trait amongst the Holmes's aside from being very friendly and easy to talk to is their temper. They all have a temper that you do not want to cross. When they get pissed off, it's best to stay out of their way because they will fight you, and they will mess your day up.
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    nice insight:good
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    Great stuff which I have absolutely no trouble believing 100%.:good
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    Thanks for this sir. Wow, can't believe Larry was actively sparring up until just a few years back. That's awesome. Guy is tough as nails. They don't make em like that anymore.
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    People often mock him for his weight and what not, but the man is in much better shape than what he looks. I've seen Deontay Wilder and Chazz Witherspoon work out in person, and at 60 years old Larry was hitting the heavybag harder than either of those two did when I saw them. His punches obviously weren't as quick as they were 30 years prior and didn't have the snap they used to, but I can assure you, Holmes was and still is a hard puncher.

    This year Larry restarted his "Run with the Champ" charity 5 K race, and Larry was a participant.

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    Great thread. Larry Holmes was always one of my favorite fighters.
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    Absolutley awesome insight Bill