2006-Larry Holmes in Brawl with MMA Fighter?

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    I too can understand him being bitter to some extent with regards to his legacy. I mean when he fought Ray Mercer the WBO wouldn't even recignize it as a title fight saying Holmes wasn't worthy, then Holmes ruins Mercer lol.
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    Sep 13, 2008
    Loved the way this thread turned out. Some great inside info here guys.
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    Oh my God, if this is true, imagine the trolling possibilities. The next time an MMA fanboy says MMA is better, I could tell them an ANCIENT Larry Holmes beat up an undefeated MMA fighter.
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    Dec 24, 2012
    Its not about boxing vs MMA. Just a great champion being a great champion.
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    Taken From Tysons autobiography by Peter Heller

    Chapter 13. Tyson-Spinks. The Making Of A Fight

    And Larry Holmes, KO'd earlier in the year said, "Tyson is very hard to hit and he hits very hard, which makes it a bad combination for Spinks". He picked Tyson to stop Spinks in less than five rounds.

    But Richie Giachetti, who had been in the corner with Holmes the night Tyson stopped him, said Spinks had the same look on his face that Larry had just before the opening bell, a look he had never seen on Larrys face in any of his other fights, It was the look of fear.

    from the Thomas Hauser book Muhammad Ali, His Life And Times.

    Chapter: Burial, page 458

    Larry Holmes, who fought Tyson when "Iron Mike" was at his peak, says, "Ali would have slapped Tyson all over the ring. Tyson hits hard but he's a bully, and Ali had a way of dealing with them. Can you imagine the things Ali would have said about Tyson before that fight? Hed have made Tyson so mad, Tyson would have been running into the ropes when they started the fight."
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    Cain, JDS, Overeem, Cormier, Prime Big nog etc.... They all skull **** Prime Larry Holmes in a street fight! They would go on a 5 mile jog after just to get a workout in...
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    Please just do us all a favour and die of the AIDS which you no doubt already have.
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    I can only agree..these MMA guys are tough, but come on....What a stupid douchebag...
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    Sep 13, 2008
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    Now how could that happen? My experience in reading MMA forums taught me that when a boxer gets taken down by an MMA fighter, the boxer is not supposed to get up and is fated to get beaten up senseless.
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    I wonder if they have crossed pathes lately? carmello is a trainer at ATT in Bethlehem and actually has a fight next weekend at sands casino
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    If I recall correctly, it turned out that the story was complete fiction and was simply made up by someone who was trolling MMA.tv.
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    Seems like a lot of people gloss over the fact that Holmes was a wrestler in his youth. So yeah, world champion heavyweight boxer with wrestling experience will tool a low level MMA guy. Not that surprising.

    PBF would ruin at LEAST 70% of his weight class in the UFC with basic wrestling.
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    Bump. I follow Larry Holmes on Instagram and I gotta say, he still looks like he could pack a wallop.
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    1) Would be nice to know whether this happened or not.

    2) Holmes doesn't mention in his autobiography excelling at wrestling as an older kid or adult. He seems to have done well in grade school at 80-90 pounds in wrestling. The brief blip about his wrestling experience comes before the section where Larry discusses his life in 7th grade as a football player, and where he says he quit school at 13.
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