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3 Months Challenge

Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by LowIQ, Mar 20, 2017 at 2:07 PM.

  1. LowIQ

    LowIQ New Member Full Member

    Mar 9, 2017
    So im 21 years old, 194cm 110kg and out of shape. I want to return to boxing this summer, i trained several years ago, but 0 fights. My goal is to lose 10-15kg in 3 months and to get in good shape for boxing. Im not 100% sure about my diet/workout plan yet, so ill go week by week improving it. As i didnt train or have proper diet in like 2 years :p ill start slowly. First week ill focus on doing bodyweight training like: squats, pushups, chinups, situps... lots of streching and joging every other day. Also removing sugar and starchy carbs from my diet. After first week i will see how it goes and what to add or change.

    The reason why im doing this log is becouse 2 friends challanged me to, saying that i cant lose 10-15 kg in 3 months, :D so i want to show them how its done, it keeps me motivated and hopefully someone else finds it motivating :D.
  2. LowIQ

    LowIQ New Member Full Member

    Mar 9, 2017
    So few days into training, my routine looks like this
    Morning workout:
    10 min warmup
    50 squats
    30 pushups
    50 lunges
    25 pushups
    2x 10 chinups ( 4-5 negative reps cuz i cant do 10 streight )
    3x 30sec plank
    2x mountain climbers untill i drop
    10 min full body streching.

    Night HIT workout:
    10 min warmup
    15x jump rope 30sec fast 30sec rest
    15x heavybag with 15 sec interval all in, 15 sec rest.
    2x 10 burpees
    4x stomach vacums
    streching, focusing on hips, ankles, lats and my posture

    Made my diet plan yesterday and it looks like this:

    1: fruits (usualy banana) 3 hole eggs, 3 egg whites, glass of milk
    2: chicken, beans
    3: chicken, sweet potatos
    4: tuna, tomato

    Im going to stick to same workout for next 10-15 days, trying to increase number of reps on each exercise, resting maybe 1 day a week, and playing sports few times a week.
    I think my diet is good , i try to count calories and cut 500-600 for now.
    My strugle at the moment is not eating as much bread and sweets as i used to, working out is not a problem now,
    i am doing cold showers in the morning to increase my energy, and so far so good.
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