31 days till Whyte Vs Povetkin II

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    Aug 19, 2020
    What will be interesting is how Whyte approaches this.

    Will we see a more aggressive old style Dillian who will throw harder/land harder but will be more vulnerable to a counter punch?

    Or will Dillian be more cautious this time and stay behind that jab for longer and finish Povetkin off later?

    From what Dillian is saying, he thinks the key is to knockout Povetkin, but remember Povetkin has never been KO'd before, only TKO'd vs Joshua.

    Povetkin has only ever look hurt vs Joshua, he didn't look hurt by Dillian's punches.

    People seem to assume Povetkin is hurt easy because his punch resistance has gone, but notice how well he recovers and the fact that he never really looks hurt!

    Whyte is going to have to land something really powerful to KO Povetkin, and if he throws hard and Povetkin gets back up, will Dillian go for broke and try to finish him off? Leaving him open to a counter?

    If I was Dillian, I'd be sticking behind had jab and stay defensive until later on when Povetkin is more tired.

    But then again... Dillian wasn't being aggressive when Povetkin KO'd him, it was Povetkin being aggressive...

    And if Whyte becomes the Aggressor, Povetkin's signature counter hooks come into play...

    So this is a true 50/50 IMO.
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    Jan 21, 2015
    I disagree with the above. Pov has been hurt on multiple occasions and was on his way to getting stopped against Whyte. His balance looked terrible in the first fight, and I think a more cautious Whyte gets a stoppage here.

    But I also agree that coming back so soon poses some risk that Whyte hasn't fully healed -- and we're talking about a guy who doesn't have the best punch resistance to begin with. Looking forward to it.
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    Aug 5, 2007
    I disagree and think it is an absolute shame these guys are getting in the ring again. It was an eliminator and Whyte was ELIMINATED.....brutally. Forcing Povetkin to do it again is one of the many things wrong with boxing. It is a 2 fight series with Whyte only needing to win once to move on, and Povetkin needing to win twice. Disgusting.
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    Jun 4, 2009
    fair point,
  5. Unforgiven

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    Nov 24, 2005
    Povetkin is shot to pieces.
    Against any strong decent heavyweight he has about 3 good rounds in him, and that's it.
    Still, he was good enough to put Whyte's lights out last time despite his obvious decline, so it's a 50-50 fight again.
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  6. KernowWarrior

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    Jul 12, 2012
    Did Povetkin put his signature on the contract?

    What is disgusting about a very experienced and canny boxer willingly signing the contract? I have not heard any force was required to be used, in fact i'd have like to see them try to force him, that would not have ended well for the 'enforcer'.

    Do you think Povetkin would truly get a shot at the title anytime soon, what with the clamour for a Fury vs AJ bout after they complete their next defences?

    Povetkin is 41 yrs old time is not on his side, so he is getting out there and earning the cash while he can.
    If Povetkin has the beating of Whyte then surely he will beat him again, will earn good money and stay active doing so.

    As a boxing fan i sure do not think it is a shame they are having a rematch, we have not been overdosed with boxing bouts recently.

    That said i do not like rematch clauses in any boxing contracts, in my view you win you move on, you lose you fight back into contention, however rematch clauses are a very regular part of contracts nowadays at the higher levels, Whyte and Povetkin was but one of them.
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    Feb 16, 2013
    I'm really not that bothered, we've seen Whyte get blitzed, if it happens again.. so what?

    It all stinks to me, we were sold a PPV event and fight on the narrative this was Whyte walking a tightrope and one slip and it's all over.

    Then he gets switched off and within minutes, actually about 2 minutes we have Hearn on the screen saying "we have a rematch clause".

    So it wasn't that much of a risk was it Eddie? It is now, and I hope the WBC don't stick him back as mandatory even if he wins, he was blitzed by a 40 year old who is past his best, doesn't deserve his ranking now, struggled with Wach, been knocked out clean, he shouldn't be mandatory anymore.

    Also, they run this narrative Whyte was somehow avoided and nobody gave him his chance, untrue, Whyte was offered the AJ fight again and didn't take it, he says it's about the title but then swerved AJ because he wasn't happy with the money.

    Was suppose to fight Ortiz in a final eliminator, right or wrong he didn't do that either, right or fair it's not the point, he says he fights anybody and wanted that WBC shot, if he beat Ortiz then he would have fought Wilder instead of Ortiz II.

    So don't believe this "Whyte is avoided" and "He wasn't given his shot" crap, simply untrue, he chose not to take a couple of opportunities.

    If Whyte wins the hype will be overbearing, he will have got his revenge and Hearn will be screaming and shouting about how great he is.

    Bellew and the rest of the Matchroom Mob will be screeching about how Whyte has redemption, how amazing he is and how he should fight the winner of AJ Fury.

    Hearn is shameless, he seriously tried to tell everybody that Whyte was only on the floor for 8 seconds, when he was rightly ridiculed and called out for it, he tried to make it a joke and then he said something like "well it felt like that, I was in shock.." and laughed it off.

    Hearn was caught again in blatant spin and lies, 8 seconds, FFS.

    Anyway If Whyte loses then excuses will be made, that he took the rematch too soon, he needed more time to rest, he had problems not having a trainer and he will go away for six months and then we will get "The Comeback".

    So in conclusion, I couldn't give a toss, Whyte isn't in the mix for me any longer, it's all about AJ, Fury, Usyk, even Wilder before Whyte and then we have Dubois or Joyce about to throw themselves in the mix.

    Whyte is so overhyped it's getting really irritating, I personally hope he gets blitzed again so we don't have to listen to all the BS.

    But after seeing the way British Boxing Officals operate over last weekend, I expect Whyte to get every favour going, either a British stoppage win, a dodgy points win.
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  8. Unforgiven

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    Nov 24, 2005
    Yeah, unfortunately (because I have nothing against him as a man or a fighter) I'm hoping for Whyte to lose again because if he wins the spin they (SKY/Matchroom ... Hearn) will put on it will be that Whyte has proved himself the outstanding contender and "was avoided for 1000 days" or some crap, and is this elite heavyweight and deserves his world title NOW, etc. etc.
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  9. Serge

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    Jul 21, 2009
    Yes it's ridiculous that Povetkin has to go through Whyte again after knocking him spark out with a KO of the century type contender shot in the most emphatic fashion in their first fight. And even more so given how he has to return to the scene of the crime yet again to do so, especially at his advanced age when he's borderline shot and is declining rapidly from fight to fight.

    E-Hearn and Whyte could've at least conceded to head over to Povetkin's backyard this time given that and the road level bravery Povetkin has displayed in his last five fights: Price in the UK, AJ in the UK, Hughie in the UK, Hunter in Saudi, and Whyte in the UK, and especially considering his age. That's straight Usyk-esque - and the Y and the K are key there because if we omit them we'd obviously be talking the complete opposite end of the spectrum, with the exception of Michael ''The Bounty'' Hunter Jr. that is who is absolutely fearless and deserving of every fan's respect.
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    Mar 17, 2018
    Great post
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    Oct 23, 2011
    He has to go after Povetkin when he hurts him, he gave Povetkin too much respect thinking he could hurt him back.

    Povetkin stills needs time to let his legs recover.

    I respect that Whyte was giving that level of respect not to jump on him, and he even said pre-fight he wouldn't, but that's what he should have been doing...He sort of indicates in the rematch he won't hesitate to do so this time.
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    Dec 16, 2013
    Has he honestly not posted since the Ko?
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    Aug 5, 2007
    I am a bit confused by your response, as you started out seemingly ok with the rematch clause, and then ended it by saying you are against rematch clauses.

    Making the big picture point here is that this all sets up the more popular fighter to move on from the eliminator. The deck is/was stacked against Povetkin. Am I aware that this happens often, and is a big part of most fight contracts when a money fighter is involved? Sure. All I am saying is a don't like it. It is cheap, and unfairly makes the rightful winner prove their worth again once their gloves were already raised. Like I said, one guy has to win twice, one guy has to win once. What a joke.

    You are correct that Povetkin signed the contract, and the sad part is he would have no chance to get that fight without that clause being included. This is an eliminator fight, an automatic rematch for the loser of an eliminator completely removes the integrity of the eliminator. That is the whole point of them, have these two guys fight and whoever wins moves on.

    Will I watch? Absolutely. Can still be upset about the current state of boxing and how abhorrent those involved in it can be? Yeah.
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  14. KernowWarrior

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    Jul 12, 2012
    No confusion intended, I am not in favour of rematch clauses at all.

    However such clauses are often used and Povetkin signed up for that when facing Whyte, so i am no more against them for Whyte than i am for any other fighter. If you think it "disgusting" then does that mean you are disgusted with any rematch clauses?

    Rematch clauses do slow the opportunity for boxers (contenders) to get the top matches be that in elimination or championship bouts.

    I will be watching the bout on basis of seeing 2 fighters willing to lock horns, the eliminator for me is a side issue as i cannot see either fighter are going to be a threat to AJ (already proven) or indeed Fury.

    I get more disgusted with proven drug cheats being allowed to return to our sport, (i know many say but they are all juiced).

    Anyway it is what it is fair or not, Whyte and Povetkin are going to face each other, we get to watch some boxing and both fighters earn a good purse for their efforts.
  15. It's Ovah

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    Sep 5, 2016
    I don't see why people are complaining about this fight really. Both men are up for it, and both men are happy to fight in the UK again. Sure in an ideal would it'd only be fair for Whyte to travel over to Russia for the second go round, but Povetkin doesn't seem to be making a fuss so what of it?

    In terms of the result, I've got Whyte by ugly points win. I think he'll keep things long and try to do his best to emulate Joshua in his own crude fashion. Against a younger Pov that'd be suicide, but against this static mud-footed version it's a viable tactic. He'll smash out that lunging jab of his and shell up immediately Pov looks to close the distance, then try to tie him up in a brawling style that will probably involve a lot of rough housing which the ref will turn a blind eye to. By about the midway stage he'll start to open up more with his right hand and possibly hurting Pov, at which point Whyte will up the rough tactics and possibly try to tire Povetkin's legs out by leaning on him against the ropes or throwing him to the floor. After that I think he rinses and repeats to the final bell.

    I can see Whyte losing concentration at least once during the fight and possibly being put on his ass, but I think he keeps things cagey enough to gut out the win. Can also see a possible late TKO against an exhausted and/or battered Povetkin.
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