7 years ago today: Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin vs. Gabriel Rosado; "Good Boy" enters vernacular.

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    This was really it, wasn't it? The moment GGG achieved crossover stardom. It wasn't his first exposure in the West - that introductory U.S. television debut had come a few months earlier when he crushed Grzegorz Proksa (dampened as that was by the once almost equally hyped Proksa having already been exposed by Welsh journeyman Kerry Hope; not even avenging that loss via KO managed to quite restore Proksa's mystique) - but that just proved that all the hardcore fans had been right about his power & offensive skill. This was the night he brutally dissected a fighter with a face considerably more familiar to American viewers than Proksa's, and riding a streak of 7 wins (all on either PPV or national TV) - and then for a salt-in-the-wound coup de grâce, utterly emasculated him with four cheerily spoken and heavily-accented words. By the wrap of HBO's broadcast, a marketable aura had been conjured around his p4p skills and charisma - with that aura building and lasting for another 4-5 years until shimmering into dissolution around circa the first round against Martirosyan (some may feel a bit earlier, say Canelo I, and some may think a bit later, around the rematch or Rolls)
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    Seems like it happen in fight 2 vs canelo.

    i mean the smaller guy was walking him down & backing him up.
    Never thought I’d see that yet there it was.

    Triple Good boy Golovkin

    time goes by quick man
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    That was a beatdown ashame the politics of boxing never allowed us to see gggs full potential in his prime
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    Lol at Gabe Rosado. I believe this was GGG’s first official fight as the sole WBA champ since Geale vacated the super version.