A preview of Francis Ngannou vs Jon Jones

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    Today we will take a closer look - at the future. A collision of titans between the two most dangerous men to walk the face of the earth. Their methods to inflict brutality differ, but make no mistake, the outcome is the same – devastation. A battle-weary King with one last chip on his shoulder; faces a super-mutant, a giant ball of fast twitch muscle paired with a desperation to win that can only be formed in the 3rd world. - World class wrestling meets ferocious boxing in the quintessential heavyweight fight.

    A tale as old as time: from nothing – comes a king. Francis Ngannou’s natural talents are clear to even the most casual of viewers; vicious knockout power and ridiculous strength make him dangerous in any facet of the fight game, striking - or grappling. His most recent fight proved he isn’t just a power puncher; he snatched the heavyweight title from all-time great, Stipe Miocic by using an educated jab and demonstrating remarkable improvements to his takedown defense that earth-bending power didn’t hurt either. The fight was the culmination of everything Francis seeks to represent; getting up when life pushes you down – and conquering any challenge that stands before you… Ngannou’s journey began in misery. In the salt-mines of Cameroon, shoveling dirt, with an abusive father back home, no money for a traditional education – and yet Francis still had an education. Hard lessons in toughness, optimism and above all else, - Self-belief. This belief in himself eventually brought him to the streets of France. Homeless and destitute, Ngannou was eventually invited to train at an MMA gym, free of charge, on account of his physical ability. Before long he was competing on the amateur circuit, brutalizing the competition with an unrefined fire not seen before or since. It didn’t take long for the UFC contract to arrive, and with it, the cost of heavyweight health insurance rose forever. With wins over old legends and young contenders, Francis has seen it all in a very short time frame.

    When discussing freak talent, Jon Jones, is never far from the conversation. Like Francis, there was little in the way of an amateur career for Jones, he would learn the art of war in the deep end of the pool, against names like ‘Shogun’ Rua, Quinton Jackson and Lyoto Machida. By age 23 he had become the youngest champion in UFC history, beginning a sadistic run of oblique kicks and arm-bars that cemented him as the greatest of all time before his 30th birthday…

    Like Francis, Jones, too, faced darkness. However, his personal battles came later in life, after the fame and success reached boiling point. – Jones’ greatest opponent is ultimately, himself; his legacy risks being dwarfed by his numerous controversies. It is said that, when the old-king becomes complacent it takes a war to wake him up. Going up to Heavyweight may just be the motivation Jon needs, to prove to the world why he is the greatest of all time, one last time. His in-cage IQ is undoubtably his greatest weapon, there is no problem he can’t solve, be it Olympic wrestlers, Jiu-Jitsu legends or hard-hitting berserkers. if he can harness this in-cage intelligence effectively against Francis, deep elbow slices and torn cartilage will surely follow.

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    i dont think we will ever see this fight because jones does not want to fight ngannou
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    would love to see this