A Prime Bugner Vs Morrison Fight?

Discussion in 'Classic Boxing Forum' started by Fergy, Dec 1, 2021.

Bugner or Morrison?

  1. Morrison

  2. Bugner

  1. Fergy

    Fergy Walking Dead Full Member

    Jan 8, 2017
    We know how Joe could be in his prime, sometimes letting himself down.
    But he did at times show his best, and how durable he was.

    So that said, is Morrison made a fool of?
    I's this a total mismatch or is Bugner in danger of getting hurt?

  2. Rakesh

    Rakesh Active Member Full Member

    Jul 6, 2021
    A bit of a thinker, I can think of a Morrison TKO mid fight but also a Bugner UD if he showed up the right night, im going to stick with Bugner UD with a puncher chance for Morrison.
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  3. Fergy

    Fergy Walking Dead Full Member

    Jan 8, 2017
    Immediately with Tommy I always think of him struggling against skilled fighters in fantasy fights, and I belive Joe was extremely talented. But I think your right in that Tommy does stand a chance here. A lot depends on how Joe wants to fight this fight too.
    If Joe's confident, then we may see a absolute drumming from Bugner and Tommy either losing wildly on points or being stopped as he tires.
    Or Tommy ends up getting lucky and hurting Joe and koing him.
    Think Bugner gets a decision but maybe not popular.
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  4. Noel857

    Noel857 I Am Duran banned Full Member

    Mar 24, 2019
    Generally Bugner had a sound chin so little chance of Tommy knocking him out.Probably Joe on points
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  5. Reinhardt

    Reinhardt Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Oct 4, 2016
    I'll go with the emerging consensus , Bugner by close UD where he could have a shaky moment or two, but him wobbling Tommy and getting a stoppage late could occur.
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  6. Richard M Murrieta

    Richard M Murrieta Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Jul 16, 2019
    Joe Bugner's style and durability would have bugged Tommy Morrison, he was tall and while he had no knockout punch, he went 12 rounds with both Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. The Bug by 12 round decision.
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