Abdul-Bari "Kid Galahad" Awad vs. Francisco "Kiko" Martínez Sánchez RBR.

Discussion in 'British Boxing Forum' started by CST80, Nov 13, 2021.

  1. destruction

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    Mar 26, 2009
    I think rematchroom needs a kicking for it’s policy of forcing every opponent who comes over and beats a home fighter into an immediate rematch.

    I hope Kiko doesn’t agree to the rematch. Why should he? If Barry had done the same thing to him there wouldn’t have been a rematch
  2. Komaster

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    Sep 20, 2010
    What the actual ****. I turned this off after round 4 because it was a boring walk in the park for KG.
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  3. N17

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    Feb 16, 2013
    I agree, it's getting ridiculous, mandatory challengers are signing them now, even "keep busy" fights like Warrington Vs Lara had a rematch clause.

    It has to stop.
  4. bladesman

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    May 31, 2015
    I tend to feel bad for any Brit losing the belt especially when they were never big earners. It must be gutting professionally and financially.
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  5. Scissors

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    Feb 11, 2018
    Kiko is at the end of his career, he’s with DAZN Spain, he’s not going to beat any of the other champions. It’s a no brainer for him to have the rematch, same network, financially a much bigger fight and he knows he’s got Barry’s number. Hopefully for Kiko he gets it in Spain. A nice homecoming for him.
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  6. Hattonmad

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    Jan 5, 2009
    Gotta enjoy seeing an old former champion have his day when everyone has wrote them off. Especially in that fashion.

    Worth noting I didn't know about this fight until a pal mentioned it to me AFTER the KO. I knew about the card on BT, I knew about the card on chanel 5 (which was entertaining I must say) and I knew about the UFC but not this card. Goes to show it's a lot easier to advertise cards on the TV networks.

    TBC-ASAP Boxing Addict Full Member

    Sep 7, 2017
    Isn't that the point though, it was a fight quite literally no one wanted to see, and Galahad has got beaten.

    So they have put on a fight with 0 interest and their man has got knocked out. Has to be a shocker from them
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  8. RT7

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    Apr 21, 2014
    One of those when boxing makes a mockery of fan predictions, quite chuffed for kiko actually. Harper wasn't a big shock, these American girls must love getting to face our "world champions " You best believe Eddie's minds already at Bramhall Lane for the rematch , it'll be tentatively mentioned to kugan or boxing social this week
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  9. RT7

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    Apr 21, 2014
    You're not the first poster I've seen saying this, sky would've battered us all week with world title double header, whether people tuned ins another thing but it doesn't go unnoticed.
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  10. Jurgen

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    Sep 30, 2016
    That was a couple of brutal stoppages last night and good to see underdogs having their day.

    Turned out a more exciting night than both the Leeds and Liverpool cards.
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  11. RT7

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    Apr 21, 2014
    No smoke without fire as far as his weight issues go but that wasn't responsible. I've only seen highlights but it looked to be exactly what was expected until galahad switched off & took the first, he done well to get back up because that was a peach but he hadn't recovered. Ingle couldn't have not noticed it'd be a tricky 1 in terms of giving up the title or hoping galahad could get on his bike long enough to recover, galahad gave him nothing in the corner
  12. TBC-ASAP

    TBC-ASAP Boxing Addict Full Member

    Sep 7, 2017
    For basically 4 round and 2m50s it was the exact fight we all thought it would be.
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  13. TBC-ASAP

    TBC-ASAP Boxing Addict Full Member

    Sep 7, 2017
    If they sold about 2,000 tickets yesterday, Bramhall Lane seems a big jump
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  14. BiggieL

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    Aug 13, 2015
    FFS, turned off after the Harper fight to avoid a snoozefest and I miss Bari getting sparked out
  15. dragon666

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    Apr 28, 2021
    Galahad thinking he's better than he actually is and underestimating Kiko based on his age and mileage on the clock.

    Galahad didn't beat a proper world champ for his belt and has only had one or two steps up in his career. He's been happy to coast against weak opponents.

    Galahad looks good against british level opponents but goes off the boil at world level when someone applies a bit of pressure and tenacity.