Abdul-Bari "Kid Galahad" Awad vs. Francisco "Kiko" Martínez Sánchez RBR.

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    Oct 1, 2020
    A very poor card on paper ended up being a highly entertaining nights boxing, never a bad thing.

    I thought Teri Harper would struggle based on how she was prior to the fight compared to her opponent- seemed distant, I would even say worried. She looked like she didn't want to be there and if it's clear on a TV or computer screen then it's obviously not just a minor feeling and you can't take that into the ring.

    She was (unfortunately) always quite a weak champion, not quite in Courtenay category but still you wouldn't back her to hold onto the belt or win others. I don't think she takes the re-match, and ultimately I don't think Matchroom will be to concerned either way in this case.

    CBS- great fight actually! I have followed Chris for a while despite it being a fun fight and good to watch I thought he again showed the same weaknesses he has shown repeatedly in his prior two fights. For all his good attributes he struggles badly to box to a game plan and I can think of few current British fighters who switch off in a fight as often or as inexplicably as Chris does. He has a serious lack of discipline, which sadly will cost him if/when he challenges for a world title.

    I get the feeling he overrates his own power to a degree, he seems desperate to knock his opponent out almost at all costs, he loads up on too many of his shots in my opinion. If he kept his distance better last night, timed the Frenchman more effectively, and also paced himself better he could have stopped him or at least had a much easier nights work.

    Galahad- stunning KO that to me came out of nowhere. Kid was fighting the right fight generally and I had him 3 rounds up and winning the 4th too, then he just gets laid out. I think he will take the re-match and would give him a good chance of winning as he's got the tools to box and beat Kiki over 12 rounds for sure. That right had was not exactly subtle, I think he felt he was winning comfortably and with 10 secs to go in the round went into cruise control then BANG....
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    Sep 1, 2019
    POV v Whyte is a perfect example. Not a close fight on the cards, a clean win for Pov, an Hearn makes him go again
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    You must be in your forties at least to my mind yet come across as a post pubescent window licker..I'm intrigued?
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    I think you're getting me mixed up with Bent Nose :lol: he's the bald old guy troll. No old person here you doughnut.
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    tongue in cheek mate
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    Anyone know yet if Barry's brother spiked Kiko's right hand?
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    Night Night Barry!


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