After Wilders destruction of Breazeale

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Who do you now favour in a fight?

  1. Joshua

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  2. Wilder

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  1. Octolony shore

    Octolony shore Well-Known Member Full Member

    Sep 14, 2016
    No one can be sure of the outcome with this fight, I think Joshua has better technique but if that right hand lands on his chin it's probably all over.
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  2. themaster999

    themaster999 Active Member Full Member

    Oct 7, 2015
    Voted Joshua as he has the better skills by a mile.

    Even though Wilder brings danger at any moment , post Klitschko AJ wont let him get anywhere near, especially so if its in the UK.
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  3. EJC83

    EJC83 Well-Known Member Full Member

    Jan 20, 2019
    Wilder is fantastic at getting rid of average fighters quickly, he's faced two decent ones and he overcame a wobble to dispatch of an ageing Ortiz, he got outboxed by an 80% Fury and even his special weapon didn't work. Joshua is a far better boxer and has a far better chin than he's given credit for, it would be a close run thing, that's for sure.
  4. HappyClappy

    HappyClappy Member Full Member

    Apr 9, 2016
    I see Joshua winning rounds, but i just cant get it out of my head that at some point Wilder will take a step back, then a step to the right and launch a huge overhand right which will connect in the mid to later rounds when Joshua starts blowing. Dont think he will get up either.
  5. Patter983

    Patter983 Active Member Full Member

    Jul 20, 2018
    Joshua Ko in 3 rounds
  6. Cecil

    Cecil Boxing Addict Full Member

    Mar 22, 2015
    The thing though what people fail to mention, what happens when Joshua lands his bombs?
    Even in that 1st round against Breazeale Wilder had a wobble.
    Fury hurt him a couple of times and Ortiz had him on ***** Street.
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  7. dryzer

    dryzer Active Member Full Member

    Sep 12, 2017
    If it went the 12 rounds there is absolutely no way Joshua doesn't get hit flush at least once
  8. Holler

    Holler Doesn't appear to be a paid matchroom PR shill Full Member

    Mar 12, 2018

    The strategy AJ and Rob Mccracken come up with is yet to be determined but my guess is it will involve AJ giving punches as well as receiving them. Wilder has never fought anyone as dangerous as AJ.
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  9. Twentyman

    Twentyman John Fury’s nut sack.... Full Member

    Apr 20, 2016
    Seen Wilder hit flush a few times lately from Ortiz (7th), Fury (12th) and Breazeale (1st) and all 3 times Wilder managed to hang on and recover. Arguably, both Ortiz and Breazeale have dangerous power so he showed a good chin and good recovery to eventually ice them.

    I’ve criticised his poor footwork and awkward, unconventional style in the past but he’s the most dangerous heavyweight in the world for me. The days of thinking he’s easy pickings for a world class fighter should surely be dismissed now. Yes, he does windmill and swing wildly like he’s outside a taxi rank at 2am but that’s when a fighter is in trouble. The initial shot that puts a fighter on wobbly legs (or KO’s) is down to excellent speed, timing and accuracy. He is a sharpshooter.

    I just feel that stylistically he is all wrong for Joshua. AJ normally has a height and reach advantage but he won’t have in this fight so sticking behind the jab and keeping it at range won’t be enough. Opponents who have tried to walk Wilder down have been bingo’d. Joshua is very tight and tucked in whereas Wilder is very wiry and unorthodox. That flexibility and ability to throw from angles against a brilliant but textbook type boxer like Joshua gives him the edge for me. I’m not criticising Joshua by the way, i’m just comparing styles. Joshua would have to be super accurate and get the job done very quick and has @nurological says, perhaps play possum to land a big shot.
  10. Jurgen

    Jurgen Pay Per Pudding Advisor Full Member

    Sep 30, 2016
    Tony Dosh PPV is taking your comments to the extreme with anywhere near - they won't even allow Wilder into the Arena when Tony Dosh is fighting never mind sharing a ring for a fight.
  11. Work the body

    Work the body Well-Known Member Full Member

    Apr 5, 2015
    Completely depressing this fight won’t happen for at least 2 years
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  12. Gatekeeper

    Gatekeeper Well-Known Member Full Member

    Oct 18, 2009
    Good boxer nearly always beats a puncher.

    That's what I said before the Wilder-Fury fight and I'll say the same about AJ-Wilder. At the absolute top level power just isn't enough and while DW has improved his game he's still too rough around the edges and open as we saw last night.
  13. Cecil

    Cecil Boxing Addict Full Member

    Mar 22, 2015
    Excellent points mate.
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  14. Suspect.chin

    Suspect.chin Member Full Member

    Dec 3, 2017
  15. Connews

    Connews New Member Full Member

    Nov 22, 2014
    If Wilder lands Joshua is in trouble, but the exact same is true if Joshua lands.

    Joshua may not have the one punch knock out power of Wilder, but once he knows you’re hurt it’s game over. Joshua is a savage finisher.

    Arguably it all comes down to who lands that telling punch first. Those saying they can’t see Wilder not landing in 12 rounds, I’d be shocked if it lasts that long. I’d favour Joshua to land first in the mid rounds and once he does Wilder won’t survive.

    Joshua just needs to ensure he’s focused and doesn’t get caught early.
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