AJ- the greats weigh in (Paulie and Tyson)

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    Jul 9, 2020
    Mike Tyson says:

    Joshua punches harder than Wilder. But Wilder punches fast. Wilder couldn't hit fury with those fast punches. Joshua won't touch fury."

    And Paulie Malignaggi says:" Joshua should go straight to wilder, could risk defeat in interim- fight."

    I don't want to exploit ones misery but I agree with these 2 statements. Aj is looking to be on the bad end of a ko of the year jmo. And he should either cash out against Wilder or else seriously take his health into consideration before taking the fight.

    He still has a name, and his skills rank up there. The other day a poster put his HIGH numbers of how many millions he owns, therefore set financially. Just wanna see the guy do good.