Aleksandr Rakics coming out party this weekend

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    Mar 8, 2017
    I like your confidence with Rasic who I believe and always have is a real good fighter and top prospect in an open weak division,a win over durable Smith puts him 1 fight away,just behind Santos v Texiera winner getting title shot.
    I just thought Walker ,especially at the time with the way he was winning, stood out more and was closer to getting title fight but unlike yourself,i have no issue admitting if i get 1 wrong.
    Reyes against Rasic would be a pretty sick fight
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    LOL. Despite the dig this isn't a bad post. LHW is going to be very interesting over the next year or two to be sure. Jones leaving will jolt a ton of life into it. Very possible the title changes hands several times over the next couple of years.