Alexis Arguello vs Edwin El Chapo Rosario at 135 lbs, both prime, 15 rounds.

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    Mar 19, 2012
    Anything could happen in this one. Rosario was so powerful and this was his best weight. Arguello had a little more class and wasn't lacking power either.

    If nailed down I'd have to go with the skills and experience of Arguello. The timing, combinations and as stated before a decent height advantage.
    ETM stoppage 10th sounds about right.
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    If you speak Spanish and have a yen for etymology, my friends, you already know the answer. Arguello comes from the Latin term Arguellicus Mellitina, which means, loosely translated, a type of paper which is so strong it can be used in a pinch for armor in battle. It literally means something more like "rough paper sheaf." But the term is more like a tough piece of paper with which you can protect yourself. But Rosario's surname traces back to the time when his family made rosaries. His name is occupational, "meaning maker of rosary." But if you look even deeper, you will find that Spanish rosaries used to be made of stone in the time his family first began to use surnames. The masonry involved in this is truly remarkable and their family took understandably immense pride from what craft they knew-craft which has since been lost to generations of men who cannot do what was once done. But stone/rocks...well...paper covers rock. Arguello, KO8.
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    May 13, 2014
    The Bloody Battle of Bayamon.
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    What an awesome fight that would have been. Arguello was a great LW and Rosario was also a dangerous one who is capable of hurting Arguello. I think Arguello would have been too surgical for Rosario though. Rosario always never fully recovered whenever he got hurt and in trouble. Still, would be a helluva explosive fight between 2 bombers. I think it'll be similar to Arguello's fight with Gannigan, who was also a huge puncher.