Ali sparring Doug Jones

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  1. Pugguy

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    Aug 22, 2021
    Courtesy of Smooth Legends yet again.

    Can’t believe this turned up. First time I’ve seen it - someone previously suggested that it was likely not filmed. Anyway, here it is, in 2 parts:-


  2. mr. magoo

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    Jan 3, 2007
    When was this ? Was it before their actual match or after ?
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  3. Pugguy

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    Aug 22, 2021
    It was in 1966, Jones hoped a good showing would maybe get him a rematch with Ali but Muhammad handled Jones easily.
  4. klompton2

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    Feb 10, 2013
    This wasnt sparring, it was a six round exhibition October 27, 1966 at Louisville, KY for the benefit of the Childrens Hospital Foundation.
  5. KidGalahad

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    Feb 16, 2008
    the uploader writes in the youtube comments: oct 27, 1966, with no further explanation.
    if true, that would be 3 1/2 years after their actual fight.
    but it must be after their fight and after 1964 anyway, since ali´s robe reads: "muhammad ali". his name change happened shortly after the 1st liston fight.
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  6. Bokaj

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    Jan 4, 2008
    Great find! Thanks.
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  7. Stevie G

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    Jul 17, 2009
    Great seeing this! Shows how much Muhammad had come on since their 1963 bout
  8. SolomonDeedes

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    Nov 15, 2011
    That's awesome, I never expected to see this.
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  9. ThatOne

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    Jan 13, 2022
    This is why it's so hard to go undefeated. When Clay/Ali was coming up Jones troubled him. When Jones met a more experienced Clay/Ali he was dominated.
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  10. Dubblechin

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    Jun 25, 2014
    According to Ali's record on Cyberboxingzone, like Klompton said, it was an exhibition in Louisville between the Mildenberger and Cleveland Williams fights.

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  11. Tockah

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    Mar 12, 2022
    Thank you for the info... this is a cool factoid

    Also what a gift to have this in such quality, and of course its Smooth Legends whose uploaded this beautiful two part video. The frame rate. The clarity. God its mind boggling to have the privilege to see this.
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  12. Pugguy

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    Aug 22, 2021
    Yes, yes, an exhibition. I mis- worded, it was late, well past my bed time. :( As I followed up, Jones was hoping to look good enough for a potential rematch.
  13. Pugguy

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    Aug 22, 2021
    Yeah, I think it was with you who I was discussing this exhibition not so long ago - I mused on the possibility of footage existing but you thought not likely - which was a fair call since nothing had turned up (at least not broadly known) as at the time of our discussion and now some 56 years after the fact it’s up for everyone to see.

    Of course Jones wasn’t quite what he used to be but the marked improvements in Ali are the standout. My theory is that besides lack of experience, Ali was still growing, filling out in ‘63. We know peak Ali was inch perfect in his judgements , so much easier to work with a body that wasn’t changing so much anymore if at all, ultimately reaching a peak and more static quality.

    Smooth Legends doesn’t just do a great job of cleaning up old footage - it’s apparent that he often obtains the best versions (including rare footage) to begin with. Top shelf.
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  14. Rubber Glove Sandwich

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    Aug 15, 2020
    Checked Jone's record and found out he fought Bobo Olson? Did everyone else know this and just refuse to tell me or something?
  15. klompton2

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    Feb 10, 2013
    By the time of this exhibition Ali was the champion and Doug Jones was squarely on the downside of his career in "opponent" status. He had just lost lopsided decisions to Terrell and Spencer and would be stopped in his next fight against 13-0 Joe Frazier. He would only win one more fight in his career, against Boone Kirkman in which he lost every round but cut Kirkman forcing a stoppage. Six weeks later Kirkman dominated Jones again and stopped him in the sixth round after which Jones retired.