Amir Khan a victim to one of the most blatant acts of corruption in modern boxing history

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    Oct 23, 2011
    The date is 10th December 2011

    Amir Khan fights Lamont Peterson to defend his world title belts after Timothy Bradley had gone into hiding (or to get a Pacquiao payday, however you see it)

    Khan on away soil on Peterson's home turf is fighting a PED cheat, a hometown referee and a corrupt IBF official (hatman) who is tampering with scorecards at ringside. Khan loses a split decision.

    Peterson is stripped of one of his belts after a failed drug test leading up to an anticipated rematch (where Khan then got his head taken off by Danny Garcia's no look hook)


    The excuse from the hatman who took pictures with Peterson in the ring following the fight? "I would never do such a thing, Khan is my muslim brother" "The master scorecard official said he felt ill so I helped him"

    and there it is.

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    Oct 29, 2012
    Agreed. Khan got jobbed in DC.
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    Boxing, A sport created by gangsters and cleaned up by businessmen who act like gangsters.
    Khan can't complain though, he has also been the victor of some questionable scoring also. See the Julio Diaz fight and Chris Algieri fight.
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