An interview (Q&A Instagram session) with Lomachenko

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    Nov 10, 2017
    "— First of all, what is the situation with your next opponent?
    — Well, Commey is injured and it’s gonna be Crolla, most probably. The negotiations are underway but the date is April 12, the Staple Center, LA.
    — So, you will fight on this date in any case?
    — Yes.

    — Did you see the Gervonta fight?
    — Yes, I did. :)
    — So, what was it? :)
    — Listen, he’s not to blame for it. He was supposed to fight Mares, but Mares got injured. So, they needed to find someone just two weeks before the fight. Well, they found someone. :) I had a similar situation, by the way. I also thought that I would fight Commey or Chaniev, but now it’s a backup plan. … At least Crolla is also the WBA mandatory.

    — Are you more interested to fight Crolla?
    — Than whom? Commey?
    — Yeah.
    — No. I’d like to fight Commey. He’s a champion. And my goal now is to become the undisputed lightweight champion.
    — Is Davis in your weight category?
    — No, he fights at 130, a category below me.
    — Can you fight there?
    — Yeah, I can make the weight, no problem at all. So, if the fight is negotiated and agreed upon, I can absolutely go down to 130 for it.

    — By the way, when you were fighting Pedraza… Actually, what I would like to know… You had moved up to this weight category, so Pedraza was heavier than you…
    — Look, I think I understand what you’re trying to say. I know now some people are saying that Loma has started to lose ground, etc. First of all, …
    — I didn’t say that! :)
    — Ok, ok. :) So, after the Linares and Pedraza fights these talks started to circulate. Guys, listen, first of all, this is my third weight category. Second, I fought Linares with an injured shoulder most all the fight. With torn tendons. And I won that fight by a KO. Against a world champion. Now to Pedraza. Again, a champion. Yeah, Davis beat him in the past, I know. But, excuse me, he was dehydrated in that fight. He was struggling to make 130.
    — He looked at his optimal weight against you.
    — Yes, it’s his division. He prepared really hard for our fight. But, at the same time… I guess his goal in our fight was not to win but rather to last… At least, that’s my impression. His goal was to go all the distance. To save his face.
    — He managed to accomplish that quite well.
    — Yes, I guess so.
    — It’s the most optimal outcome for him, isn’t it?
    — Well, it’s always difficult to box against a opponent who doesn’t allow you to box. Who doesn’t attack himself and just tries to survive. Those people who were in the boxing ring themselves at least once, will understand me.
    — Did you feel that your power was not enough to knock him out?
    — No, not at all!
    — So, was everything, well, as usual? As in you previous fights?
    — Yes, as usual. If you see the fight once again, pay attention, that even in the 11th round, when I were trying to finish him, he never was completely stationary. He was constantly swinging like a pendulum… I had to find the target. All the 12 rounds I had to find him, to open him.
    — Was it difficult because of his long arms?
    — Well, it wasn't easy. ...Look, another nuance with Pedraza. In fact, during the fight I didn’t throw my right hook at all. I wasn’t completely confident that the shoulder’s healed 100%. In my next fight now I will be sure that it’s fine. I will use all my arsenal of punches. Including the right hook.
    — So, against Pedraza you were hesitant to throw it?
    — What do you mean “hesitant”? It was our decision to try not to use it. We didn’t want to risk any complications.

    — Where are you now?
    — In LA.

    — What time is your first training in the morning?
    — 5 a.m.
    — Do you run?
    — No, I don’t run anymore. … Now I ride a bicycle or those roller-skis. … Because running hurts your knee joints. … Now I run only on the beach sometimes. Short sprints on the sand.
    — Do you swim?
    — Yes, of course.

    — How many times a day do you train?
    — The first one is at 5 a.m. One hour. Then I try to sleep again a little bit. The breakfast is about 10 a.m. Then I go swimming at 12 o'clock. Then a dinner. Then I nap. And the third training session is at 6 p.m.
    — So, it’s three times a day?
    — Yes. It used to be two, but from the last month it’s three. The first month of the training camp it’s three times a day. The second month – two times.

    — Ok, back to Gervonta. So, you’d be interested to fight him.
    — Of course. Him and all the guys who talk a lot! :)
    — Was Davis talking a lot about you?
    — I guess so, yes. He or his team. They doubt my p4p top1 position.
    — Or, that kind of talks… Some other guys are more harsh. They say they will knock you out.
    — Oh, I think I know who are you talking about! :) That young ambitious guy. :)
    — Yes. :)
    — Listen, he does it in the right way. Here in America people like that kind of fighters. :) I guess he’s trying to be the second McGregor. But he shouldn’t forget how McGregor ended up after all his trash talking…
    — Well, but McGregor also won a lot.
    — Versus what top fighters? Which top fighter did McGregor beat?
    — Aldo?
    — Oh, yes, maybe Aldo, I agree.

    — Will Usyk fight Povetkin?
    — I have no idea at this point. It’s not clear at all yet.
    — What is he doing now?
    — He’s preparing his US visa, another documents. His next fight will be in the US.
    — But there’s no opponent yet?
    — Yeah. But I doubt it will be Povetkin. Not in America.
    — Who would YOU recommend him to fight at HW?
    — Listen, I’m not an expert on the current HW scene. I just watch the top (HW) fighters. So, I’m not qualified to answer your question.
    — So, you wouldn’t recommend Joshua at once?
    — Correct. I think it’s better to hide from AJ for half a year or so. :) To gain some weight first. To become comfortable at the weight.
    — So, do you think Usyk is risking too much, trying to fight top HWs at once?
    — Hey, listen, as I said, I don’t know. It’s just my opinion, I don’t know how he feels, how confident he is.

    To be continued. Maybe. :smile:

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    Oct 22, 2018
    I don't like Loma when he talks, he should stick to fighting.

    He always makes excuses.
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    Sep 21, 2017
    So you would only like him if he was mute
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    Jan 27, 2019
    Thank you Minemax, an interesting interview. It was very noticeable that he didn’t once throw a single right hook during the Pedraza fight, and I suspected this was because he was protecting his shoulder. Quite remarkable he went into the fight having already decided that he would box the whole fight with just his left arm, that’s impressive and shows huge confidence and courage - how many times has a boxer pulled out of a fight because of lesser reasons?! A true champ is Loma, and I look forward to him clearing out Davis at some point!
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    Apr 30, 2006
    The dude shoots straight. Good interview
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    Jul 21, 2017
    No one asked him about Pacquiao's dominant win over AB?!

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    Nov 10, 2017
    Pacquiao is mentioned there later. I guess I'll post it here as well today.
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    Jun 15, 2012
    Great interview, thanks.

    Floyd has already made it clear that Davis will go nowhere near Loma until Loma is using a walker. So people can forget about that fight.
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    Jul 21, 2017
    Was that you interviewing him?
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    May 13, 2018
    Cool. Smart guy Loma.. Class act.
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    Nov 10, 2017
    No. It's the guy from Russia. It's his youtube channel, I guess.
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    Jul 25, 2015
    Interesting comment on the running.

    Wonder if he's having problems with his knees, or if it's just a preventive measure (much more likely I think).
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    Nov 10, 2017
    So, here’s the second part of the interview. Or at this point it’s rather a friendly conversation. There's some interesting info here from Loma! The third guy is Alexander Besputin (
    This content is protected

    – And this is Alex Besputin, I guess you know him.
    – Besputin..? No, I don’t…
    – What?? Come on! You must be joking! :)
    – No, I’m serious… I’m a very casual boxing fan! I know just several top guys.

    – Oh, my God! Ok, he’s a boxer. Just google his name later.
    Besputin: By the way, we watched your video on Pacquiao vs. Broner. That was a funny one! :)

    – Alex fought on my undercards several times. He will this time as well.

    // Several questions about Kovalev, Loma’s gyms in Ukraine, etc. //

    – What do you think about the fight between Mayweather and that Japanese guy?
    – He’s a businessman. Good for him.
    – So, that was just business?
    – Even Mayweather himself admits it’s just for money.

    – Did you watch the Pacquiao vs Broner fight?
    – Nope.
    – Really? You don’t watch Pacquiao’s fights at all?
    – No, it’s just was a month when I relax, so I was fishing at that time.
    – And when you relax, you don’t watch boxing, right?
    – Yeah.
    – You want to forget about boxing at such times?
    – Well, kind of. When I go fishing, it’s several days. On weekends, usually. So as boxing fights…
    – But you can watch it later, can’t you?
    – Well, when I already know the outcome it’s not so interesting.
    – Listen, lots of people would like you to fight Pacquiao. Especially after he won in his last fight…
    – At what weight category?
    – … He’s heavier that you, correct?
    – Yes. He’s fighting at 147.
    – 147… So, he would need to go down for your fight?
    – He will not come down to 135. And even if he does, everyone will cry that who am I to drag him so low.
    – What do you mean “who am I?” :)
    – Well, Pacquiao is a legend, why should he go down (to 135) for me? I don’t even remember when was the last time he boxed at 135.
    – And it’s difficult for you to go up to 147?
    – Well, look, even at 135 these guys are bigger than me. … My weight division is 130 – there I feel very comfortable. At 135 it’s already a challenge for me.

    – Ok, your next fight is at 135, isn't’ it?
    – Of course.
    – And after that are you planning to come back to 130?
    – Look, it will depend on what my promoters/manager negotiate. I’m a boxer, my job is to fight. … If it were up to me to get the opponents I want, I would have been an undisputed champion long ago, retired from boxing and relaxed.
    – So, do you want to become an undisputed champion and retire?
    – Yep.

    – Really? So, your goal is to collect all the belts and retire?
    – Because what would I do next? As I already mentioned several times in the past, boxing for me is a sport. Money comes second.
    – There are four major belts, right?
    – Yes.
    – And that’s it? I mean, it one weight category? Four belts, and you retire?
    – Yeah… Hey, listen, it might take several years to do that!
    – You’re 31 now?
    – Yes.
    – So, you want to retire at, let’s say, 33?
    – Yep…
    – Vasya, are you freaking kidding me?? :) And who will we fans watch? :) Don’t do this to us! :)
    – Dude, I’m in boxing from when I was 5 years old.
    – So, you’re tired of it..?
    – Not exactly tired, but “nothing lasts forever”, you know. I’ve got my goal in boxing, I like challenging myself, fight another champions. When I beat all the other champions, who should I fight next..? To move up again? I doubt that. I guess I’m not big enough to move up.
    – Yeah, probably… But what will you do when you’re retired?
    – I’ve got some plans.
    – Go fishing again? :)
    – Yeah, and I’ll start living in the woods! :)
    – As a forester?
    – Yeah! :)
    – If the WBSS has a tournament at you weight class next year, are you planning to participate?
    – It won’t be my choice… I have contractual obligations to my promoter.
    – Oh, so they will decide, not you?
    – Affirmative.
    – What if they tell you to participate in a tournament at 147?
    – Why would they tell me that? They won’t. They know my weight. By the way, I choose which weight class I box, not they. They just choose the opponents.
    – So, is 135 your limit? You will never move higher?
    – Look, now I can’t answer this question. At this point the answer is no.
    Besputin: Hey, listen! Compare my face to his. :) I box at 147.
    – I wouldn’t say your face is so much bigger! :)
    Besputin: Look, I’m serious. I’m obviously bigger than Vasya. When we are standing next to each other, it’s obvious. And I’m not the biggest welterweight!
    – What is your weight between the fights?
    – Who, me?
    – No, Alex.
    Besputin: If I’m disciplined, it’s about 160.
    – Really? And Vasya?
    Besputin: Hey, wait! 160 it’s when I don’t eat a lot!
    – Wow.
    Besputin: I’ll tell you as it is, because Vasya is shy to talk about it. We train together with him, so I know. … When he was preparing for the Linares fight, for example, he was about 140. So, he boxes at 135 but is about 140 between the fights. And he eats 5 times a day! …
    – So, his metabolism doesn’t allow him to become heavier.

    // Besputin talks about how some other boxers are huge between the fights. Like Crawford was 179, etc. etc. They all agree that it hurts the sport (boxing as well as MMA). Dicsussed how weight limits should be checked similar to antidoping tests. The same day weigh-ins, etc. Besputin also mentioned that he might become a mandatory to Pacquiao or Spence. //

    – What about Mikey Garcia?
    – As far as I understand it, he will fight at 140 after the Spence bout. And he will vacate his WBC title.
    – So, if he beats Spence…
    – He won’t beat Spence!
    – Really?
    – Yes, of course. But for Mikey it’s a win-win situation. He’s moving up two weight categories. If he loses, everyone will say “So what? He lost to a champion who’s much bigger!”

    // blah, blah – some unimportant almost casual talks //
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    Nov 10, 2017
    A preventive measure.
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    May 13, 2018
    Told y'all, he'll try unify 135 & maybe have a good bye fight at 130 & he'll get out health & wealth in tact... No fighting way past your best, 33/4 he'll be gone. Enjoy him while he's here... He probably has 5 or 6 more fights between 130-35 in boxing & he'll walk off into the sunset, amateur & professional legacy secure. Legend ..

    He's a smart guy who's achieved & is achieving amazing things in boxing but he was never going to be one with huge entourage's or ego, constantly chasing dollars, fighting up to 40 etc He'll know exactly when to retire..