And just another proof how underrated wilder is...

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    This is an almost totally different version of Arreola, properly trained with a full fight camp, coming in the ring in the best shape of his recent career. Whereas against Wilder all of those things were the reverse. No comparison really.

    Ruiz entered the ring in also the best shape of his recent career. The rub on that is that people have been whispering (and sometimes speaking publicly) that he suffers when he loses too much weight in a relatively short duration of time. The big loss being to his power and stamina. Once again, different scenario.
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    Dec 8, 2012
    Who also looked entirely different against Anthony Joshua in a world title match before looking horrible in the rematch. At their peak performance level are you saying that Wilder is the more impressive boxer?
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    You left out that Wilder had a broken hand and a torn bicep against Arreola and still stopped him.

    (Not to mention that Arreola was 36 years old then, and not a 40-year-old with seven losses now. And not to mention that Ruiz had a 30-pound weight advantage over Arreola Saturday, while Wilder gave up 20 pounds to Arreola when they fought. But let's not focus on that.)

    Seems like that would be the headline ... If Ruiz had suffered a broken hand and a torn bicep against Arreola Saturday, but still stopped the 40-year-old Chris.

    Wouldn't it?

    Doubt people would be leaving that out ... that Ruiz needed a surgery to repair the torn bicep and two surgeries to repair his broken hand ... but still stopped Arreola.

    Seems like it would be a glaring omission if Ruiz had overcome such obstacles to stop Arreola, and people just ignored it.

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    Excellent post, particularly the observation regarding the change in Ruiz's offensive posture following the knockdown.
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    Goossen trainen Arreola in 2021 beats Ramirez trained Arreola from 2015 with ease...