Andrade v Eubank

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  1. Donald Donaldson

    Donald Donaldson Member Full Member

    Oct 1, 2020
    I'd very confidently pick Andrade to beat Eubank Jr. on points via UD.

    Andrade is not entertaining and is an awkward fighter but is a vastly experienced amateur, with very good skillset. On top of that he also has good power and is a big middleweight. Eubank Jr. will have no physical advantage as Andrade has size and strength in abundance at MW. If he can make the weight well, he will win very comfortably.

    Eubank won't be able to overwhelm him as Andrade can evade him when he needs to, and tie him up when he can't. He'd outbox him over 12 rounds.

    Eubank needs a limited and ideally physically inferior come forward fighter to really shine. A tricky, big, strong, skillful southpaw is the last thing he needs...
  2. tee_birch

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    Jul 6, 2014
    Not a good match up for Eubank. Feet are too slow and doesn’t have enough one punch power in his back hand.

    Should he go for it though? Absolutely, it’s a title shot.
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  3. james5000

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    Apr 11, 2010
    He is learning a new style and clearly isn't prepared or ready for Booboo.

    His old style was better against blokes who come at him.

    GGG and Murata are the fights next stylistically if he wants a strap and a better chance.

    WBO is no better than IBO imo, maybe marginally.
    Still clearly the 4th rated strap anyway and that isn't really deniable. You never used to need it to be undisputed. Also people aren't too impressed by Andrade and his resume. Beating him would be nice but not a huge deal.

    I mean I still as a fan want him to go for it. It doesn't make good sense but it's intriguing and those are the best fights usually!!!!
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  4. EJC83

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    Jan 20, 2019
    32 soon and learning a new style, something he could have done during these years or relative inactivity. If he is offered a WBO shot against Andrade and he doesn't take it it's another string pinging off that Warrior Code bow, those strings are wearing thin now.
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  5. Holler

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    Mar 12, 2018
    I would like someone to properly push Andrade so we can see what he's got. Not convinced Eubanks jr is the man for the job, @Donald Donaldson has laid out why in a good post above, but I'd still like to see him try. At this stage he has to take some risks and hopefully he's continued on an upward trajectory and will have more to show alongside the impressive conditioning and undoubted heart.
  6. Who_Necks

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    Dec 11, 2016
    You rate the WBA more than the WBO? I certainly dont the WBA is the joke of boxing probably followed by the WBC atm with Bridgerweight and Franchise champion. The only belt that holds any meaning to me is the RING.
    RING>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>IBF WBO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WBC>>>>>>>>>WBA
    But lets be real here for real boxing fans belts mean nothing we just want good fights and the best to fight the best, which very rarely happens due to said belts and promoter and TV network politics. Then you throw into the mix the Youtube fights and boxing is in a sorry state.
    Also i would like to say i like the fight but imo Eubank gets his lugs boxed off, he didn't impress me in his last fight under Jones and i think BooBoo is the real deal, not flashy no power at middle but very skilled, Eubank is Taylor made for him coming forward throwing combos Andrade slipping and countering all night.
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  7. zulander

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    Mar 17, 2006
    We still don't really know if Eubank is better than Liam Williams....Never mind Andrade.
    Eubank looses to boo boo and its not close.
    I want young Christopher to go after the big names but after De Gale who he fought at the right time - he's not done a great deal (i know covid won't have helped) but he probably hasn't got loads of fights left in him.
    He may as well belt chase and see if he can pick something up but I doubt he beats Andrade - he looked uncomfortable VS Koborov for all that fight was worth.
    I thought had decent opposition in his early days: BJS, Spike, Blackwell were all decent opponents when he faced them but never made that next step up. He just tried to jump to world class.
    Reminds me a bit of Kell Brook later in his career just trying to talk his way into big fights because he felt he deserved them rather than earning them.
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  8. Twentyman

    Twentyman You dog nonce! Full Member

    Apr 20, 2016
    Andrade is the more skilled fighter and he has a significant size advantage over Junior. However, Andrade is clearly boiled down at the weight to the point that I reckon his durability and gas tank suffer hugely.

    That said, Junior doesn't have the boxing IQ to make his opponents work for the full 3 minutes so Andrade could get away with coasting parts of the fight. I just think this is Andrade points all day long.

    Junior shouldn't even be thinking about this though, he should just jump at it. No idea what he's waiting for, his career is dwindling away.
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  9. UKboxingfan

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    Nov 28, 2018
    Eubank is perfect for Andrade, he’s purely a boxer and not a fighter which Eubank hates. Unless Andrade is seriously done at the weight and doesn’t have the tank then I can’t see Eubank doing much.
  10. james5000

    james5000 2010's poster of the decade Full Member

    Apr 11, 2010
    And you claim to not be a hater lol
  11. iamthegreatest

    iamthegreatest Active Member Full Member

    May 4, 2020
    I actually think Chris Eubank Jr gets the upset.
  12. Twentyman

    Twentyman You dog nonce! Full Member

    Apr 20, 2016
    Which bit of my post implies that I'm a hater?
  13. lefthook82

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    May 1, 2009
    I think I would back old style Eubank Jnr to give him a run for his money before falling short, maybe controversially. This new, homeless Roy Jones impression, it would be 12-0 because he wouldn't be able to effectively pressure him
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  14. james5000

    james5000 2010's poster of the decade Full Member

    Apr 11, 2010
    The whole thing bro haha
  15. boxberry92

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    Jun 22, 2008
    Eubank has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    He needs to start fast, back Andrade up and try to take him into deep water, Williams had him in all sorts of trouble in the ninth round.

    I'd favor Eubank more if the fight was in the UK in front of a crowd, but he needs to fight to his strengths and not like a clone of his current trainer.