Anthony Joshua vs Amir Khan Legacy

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  1. tee_birch

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    Jul 6, 2014
    I think it probably is AJ who has the better one but easy to forget about when Khan was decent as he’s been a joke for so long. Definitely did more in US and the Maidana win aged very nicely. Let’s see how AJ does this year, very important year for him and his legacy
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  2. Cookiedough

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    Feb 18, 2020
    That’s one thing you can say about Khan and it is a quality to be admired, in any fighter. I personally think Amir has had a great career. He was always exciting to watch and had great speed and skill. He took some losses and bounced back. You can’t fault him for that.
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  3. iamthegreatest

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    May 4, 2020
    Close one but I'd say AJ.
  4. Brixton Bomber

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    Sep 21, 2013
    Were any of you around when Prescott banjoed Khan?

    That's a prime Khan against an utter nobody. At least people in the know knew about Ruiz. Prescott was a peasant.

    That KO was a million times worse than the Ruiz KO.
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  5. Brixton Bomber

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    Sep 21, 2013
    Khan certainly shyed away from Brook for years.

    I rate Khan, he was must see when he first came around. But he hasn't been at the top of the tree for years. And he can't just lose a decision. No, he has to end up on HL Reels for shocking KO's.
  6. Jurgen

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    Sep 30, 2016
    The Tony Dosh PPV Legacy is below - it does not matter what he does now as that is his legacy fight and what people will remember.

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  7. Skyver

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    Apr 29, 2015
    Yeah I remember it Khan was a lightweight at the time i'm sure so not prime.all his best work was at 140-147 and he certainly got some very good wins in that period.not much in it but I would edge to Khan as of now.
  8. Brixton Bomber

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    Sep 21, 2013
    I'm not so sure. Khan was always eager to go higher and higher in weight back then.
  9. BrokerNYC

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    Feb 8, 2021
    I’d say AJ just because he was managed carefully and has only one real blip on his record in the form of Ruiz which he avenged. I don’t think there is any shame in losing to Usyk at all.

    watched the interview with Kugan and khan in which Kugan brings up the point of khan never been invited or even shortlisted for an OBE which I think is shameful. Youngest silver medalist in boxing for the UK, his many charitable endeavours domestic and abroad he should have been awarded an OBE a long time ago. This is obviously because he’s a Pakistani Muslim in my opinion.
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  10. Uncle L

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    Jan 4, 2022
    What a stupid question, surely this is a joke

    Obviously, very clearly it's Joshua.

    Joshua unified 3 belts, 2 time champ. Way better resume, much better fighter overall. And has only lost to top guys. Has regularly packed out stadiums. Lasted at world level longer. Was number 1 in his division. Much higher KO ratio. Is 9-2 in world title fights whereas Khan is 6-4 and hasn't won a world title fight in nearly a decade.

    Khan has losses to the likes of Prescott in 50 seconds and Peterson, no way in a million years would AJ ever lose to that level of fighter . Khan has also struggled and been dropped regularly throughout his career. Lost 5 times knocked out 4 times, Joshua has just lost twice, once to a ATG, the other he avenged.

    Joshua is way ahead in every aspect every way you look at it.

    & Aj's win over Wladimir Klitschko is 10 times better than any win Khan ever had.
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  11. Uncle L

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    Jan 4, 2022
    This ^

    What's the next thread going to be - Tyson Fury vs Junior Witter - who will be rememberred as the better fighter :lol:
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  12. BrokerNYC

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    Feb 8, 2021
    Do you even watch boxing? I agree that I’d go for AJ but it’s a perfectly reasonable question. AJ lost to Ruiz then took points decision over a grossly out of shape Ruiz, fought a Klitschko that had already lost to Fury and was out of action for almost two years. AJ has been marketed as well as Ivan Drago in the old Soviet Union fml

    AJ has been a bad winner (Whyte fight refused to shake his hand after and ignored him) which I’ve never seen Khan do, he’s been dismissive, racist and acted like a complete megalomaniac in weird interviews he’s given with Kugan and Anna Woolhouse. His PR team have fabricated pictures of him comparing him to Ali to the press and pushed out misinformation when he’s struggled or lost fights.

    Are you sure you’re talking about the same sport?
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  13. sniffmybadger

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    Jan 20, 2010
    Someone put their top 10 fights up side by side, I can't be bothered lol
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  14. Uncle L

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    Jan 4, 2022
    Sounds like you only watch Khans fights.

    You are completely deluded, biased, and unknowledgeable yourself if you think this is a reasonable question.

    Khan has failed in 3 of the 4 divisions he fought in and been knocked out in all 4. And hit the deck about 15 times in his career. It's been a decade since he last won a world title fight ffs.

    It doesn't matter if Klitschko lost to Fury or was inactive or whatever. He still beat the great Wladimir Klitschko, showing amazing heart. He still beat a good version of Klitschko. So it's a fantastic win, unifying 3 of 4 titles in front of 90,000. Khan never has anything on his resume even close to that. Khans resume is littered with KO losses and knockdowns from half the guys he's faced.
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  15. Glenn McKrory

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    Jul 26, 2018
    Let's face it, Andy Ruiz Jr would be a welterweight if he was in shape, so Joshua got beaten by an obese man from Khan's division, and couldn't finish him off in the rematch, which is unforgivable.

    Looking at the bigger picture however, Joshua did allegedly have relations with Khan's wife, so I'd perhaps call this one a draw.