Anthony Joshua vs. Rocky Marciano

Discussion in 'Classic Boxing Forum' started by KingAlibaba, Oct 22, 2018.

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    Good post. Bear this in mind though, I saw the Pov / AJ fight from some dodgy handcam on youtube. Aside from the picture being godawful and waving all over the place, the other downside was there was no commentary. So any conclusion about an adjustment I think AJ made was from the footage itself and not from the commentary box.

    While you make a fair point about Povetkin tiring it seemed to me that AJ became more comfortable with what Povetkin was doing and started timing him better. It also seems to me that he took a wider stance, possibly to ground himself to counter Povetkin as he came in. So I think AJ (or his corner) do a good job of reading the fight and tweaking tactics to suit what's going on.
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    Jan 28, 2018
    Thank you! You nailed it!

    I was right now starting a post in this thread like: "This board is an infinite universe of stupidity."

    Some evaluations on here are simply unbelievable until you read them two more times and gather: "It´s rly there white on black."

    I don´t know how long I can take that garbage anymore.
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    The thing is ,to be honest AJ could remain unbeaten for the rest of his career and still not be seen good enough to best Marciano. From viewing this forum for the past few years only Ali and maybe Foreman peak are in with a chance !The rest ...pah forget about it .
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    honestly, i couldnt agree more. thats probably why there are so few People on the classic Forum because These discussions with some "Oldtimers" are downright redicoulus.

    i just imagine that most of These "experts" have never put on the gloves themselves. i´m 34 and still active…….and being 165 i have sparred with guys as high as 260 and trust me, SIZE MATTERS!!!

    at a certain Point size is EVERYTHNG! end of Story. there is a reason why they have weightclasses. there is a reason why pro Boxers ***** so much over as Little as a couple of ounces.

    someone as small as marciano being competative with a beast like Joshua is simply not realistic.
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    Jun 9, 2007
    No need to explain my man I did not point the finger at you at all in regards to saying Joshua made brilliant adjustments in your post. Not at all.
    In regards to your above post I believe it was easy for Joshua to become comfortable basically because Povetkin gave him that option as he just kept attacking the same way over and over again. Therefore I feel it should have been fairly easy for Joshua who had every physical advantage over the man to make that adjustment. I just wasnt impressed at all. The Stoppage was sweet but expected from me at that point. He should have made the adjustments much earlier if hes supposed to be as good as alot of fans actually want him to be.
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    Nov 22, 2014
    Joshua is 6'5" and clearly performs better at 240 than he does at 250, but in all honesty he would be an even better fighter if he stayed between 230-235, since going over 240 has resulted in both his mobility and timing suffering. Joshua also wouldn't gas as easily at the lower weight range

    Also, Joshua is still an extremely green fighter. He made a lot of mistakes against Povetkin that he got away with because Povetkin even at his best didn't have Marciano's workrate or Marciano's punching accuracy. Joshua would also be clueless in dealing with Marciano's crouch, since he's never had experience with a fighter of that style. The closest thing to Marciano that Joshua has fought is Takam, who's ring efficiency gave Joshua a lot of problems, but fortunately for Joshua Takam didn't have any firepower to hurt Joshua, but Takam did expose how easy it is to get to Joshua's body.

    Byrd used many of Marciano's tactics (admittedly not as well as Marciano) against Vitali such as faking the lead hand to get inside, attacking the chest, crouching away from the opponents counter, rolling under the opponent counter, and then counter coming out of the crouch with hooks. It worked like a charm for Byrd, since Byrd repeatedly punching Vitali's chest took away Vitali wind and he had Vitali leaning and reaching, which made his arms sore and tired. The result was Vitali surrendering and refusing to ever fight Byrd again. Even Lennox Lewis didn't want to fight Byrd and gladly preferred Kirk Johnson or Vitali over Byrd, since they were much easier stylistic matchups.

    Joshua admittedly has a lot of potential, but nowadays with the cruiserweight division splitting the heavyweight division in half the top heavyweights never get enough experience against talented smaller craftier heavyweights.

    Hopefully the Bellew-Usyk winner becomes a full time heavyweight, since Bellew and Usyk are easily good enough to be top 5 heavyweights, since they would both beat guys like Miller, Kownacki, Parker, Jennings.

    I also give them a good chance against Ortiz/Whyte and think they would give Wilder/Joshua/Fury tough fights.

    Usyk's and Bellew's talent is wasted in the mediocre cruiserweight division.
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    Jun 7, 2016
    I think general forum is much much worse. Thinly veiled racism, people who have watched boxing for 3 weeks spouting opinion like it's fact.

    the people on classic have atleast watched boxing long enough to give a **** about the sports history. And when they talk about a specific fight atleast there is a good chance they have actually watched it. Unlike on general, where you have people saying things that they just read somewhere else
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    Rocky is a great but this is ridiculous come on he is giving up 60lbs+ 8" in height and 14" in reach. Not to mention Joshua has massive power got up from Wlad hitting him clean and is a well schooled former gold medalist. He would destroy Rocky this is like matching Rocky with a lightweight size difference wise.

    Also those taking about Rocky chin you really think Moore and Walcott hit close to AJ?
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    I have to agree on size being an issue here.
    If Joshua was some big 240 pound plank then Rocky likely overcomes the size difference wears him down and stops him.
    However even though we know he has his drawbacks Joshua has good skills, and this aligned with the weight and physical advantages means he’d be too much for Rocky, I see a mid fight stoppage.
    It must be said however that if Joshua didn't get Marciano out of there early enough, and the fight went into the later rounds it’s not inconceivable that Rocky stops a gassed Joshua late especially if it was a 15 round fight.
    One things for sure, Marciano would be the fittest heavyweight Joshua ever fought.
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    Didn't you say earlier that Jess Willard would demolish and cripple Mike Tyson???
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    This tread is stand out stupid. Unproven vs Proven against dimminitive oppenents. The willingness to comment shows 9nly willingness to discuss something you have no idea about.
    Who knows? It doesn’t matter you can’t go wrong.
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    Mar 17, 2010
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    Marciano won't be able to find a way to win hes literally outmatched and in every way except maybe chin, and even that's a maybe. Anthony snaps his head back with a jab and nails him with a big right hand, over in 2 rounds.

    And I'm more of a Marciano than a Joshua fan, you watch the two fight side by side and tell me you don't actually know what's gonna happen.
  14. reznick

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    Mar 17, 2010
    If Joshua doesn't get clocked and lose his balance, he tires out.
    And who better to tire out against than Marciano
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    People are going to bash Joshua now and downplay him. It is up to him to come back and prove how good he is. Sometimes styles make fights. Everyone loses. I give him credit for wanting to fight and facing anyone. Let's see how he does in the rematch.
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