Any hard hitters here?

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    Well that is not true ,it was bad for what you were trying to showcase , i gave you solid advice the SAME post was your basic response

    "Your opinion is sh*t, and your analytic skills are garbage, and you sound like a low quality human being who in general isn't good at life. You legit could be Charlie Z."

    Not that i care ,i know you didnt concave any bag , i wonder why a FIFTY pound weight is on TOP of a HB when that would do absolutely nothing ????? I wonder why you said the bag wasnt hung high( it clearly is because its a few feet off the ground and you can see how high the ceiling is, you then claimed higher bags are harder to move which is another off center remark ,because the more weight on the bottom with less chain is what will give the bag more resistance ...either way im out ...let steel help you ,im done here im not even getting into your physical appearance because it would have to do with putting on lean muscle ,thus i would have to give advice in things you believe not to be

    But here my last post for steelshoulder to break this down for you i certainly am not taking time out for you ,ironically steel the guy who agreed with everything i said not going out of my way this is it and shouldn't even post it !

    Power comes from your core and the shoulder. Legs aren't a necessity to hitting hard.the twisting motion from mid body is what generates the power .For shoulders just do alot HB work and punch high level and do in between periods with a speed bag hung high where you are reaching up to burn the shoulder , if possible. Dont overwork shoulders they will grow with bag work anyway. Do lat excercises because its a huge muscle that helps drive the punch and reinforces it.

    Forearm and wrist ,this will help absorb impact and make you hit harder( I get my power from my Forearms...G. Foreman), you can only hit as hard as you hand can support which is supported by the wrist/forearm. bicep curls /resistance training bicep routines will help hook punches. All in all when throwing a punch everything has to work together and that's shoulders/lats/bicep and thats alighned with the core twisting of the hook and proper leg stance that will get you the most power,and you always punch through the target when throwing maximum power because in real life you are trying to break bones or knockout someone.

    look at video footage of who you think is a power hitter you resemble and overall you tube vids from beginners hitting to coaches to fighters,you learn more visually then reading a book, unless you have the power concept down already.
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    I will add to this that, the more fluid you can have your kinetic motion, the more powerful the punch will be. Also you want to try and keep your opponents at the end of your punches......IE you hit them at the very end of your arm full contracting and your fist (ideally) just turning over. I like to use bodyweight and resistance bands for general exercise, instead of weights (just my preference), and doing knuckle pushups I felt always made my hands heavier.

    Rez I will hit you in the PMs later today when I get off of work.

    I really wish this forum had enough non-trolls where we could post up a footage thread, for guys of any level.......basement/garage boxer to amateur/pro prospect. People get too troll'y though, tis a shame.
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    I've been told I hit hard for my size but I'm too wild with my punches, too much flair of my elbow and not having me feet set in the right places. I've seen alot of Joe Louis mentioned on here so far and personally the punch I've tried to take from him is his cross not hook. I've found as a southpaw it's it's works excellent inside.

    I prefer to fight at range tho, I tend to take tricks from Ali, Walcott and Charles more than Louis, Dempsey and Marciano. Although I do love using some of Tommy Hearns tactics (stiff arm, Lazy jab ect.)
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    I've always been a twitchy athlete, especially for a white dude, I can bang and have fast hands, but those gifts can be detrimental to your development in the end. Necessity dictates. If you don't need to develop to beat lesser competition, you won't.

    Just maintain focus on the fundamentals, your technique, and your base. And always try to be fluid, even the slightest of hitches can rob you of a lot of power. Scientists are also now starting to realize that your body structure -- mainly your bones and how/where your muscles hang on them -- is the main indicator of a lot of athletic factors.
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    check out my lats Galvy. Oh wait your banned haha,when you come back you might need to:asskisser a bit more,would be good for you to stick around.
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    He's back now Gerry, better be careful
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    Dudes, I throw the best and most awesome power punches. The trick is to almost touch the floor behind you with your knuckles as you wind up. Then I launch it like a grenade over my shoulder and the whooshing sound as it screams like a falling asteroid through the air impresses everybody. Once it even landed, and boy, that dude spun around and was out like a light. That memory makes all the times it didn't land, worth it. My dentist says I have the best power punches ever and that my technique is perfect :D
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    I can punch as hard as Golovkin
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    Bro, I also have the best dreams! Like the other day I was Ghenghis Khan!
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    Shi...... really bro?! Nothing better than to dream ones dreams. I took a nap once and had a quick dream that I was Vladimur Putin.
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    are you the dude that makes youtube videos?
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    boxer puncher, strong jab, lots of feints. You get passed my jab im touching that body every chance i get. Dont get hit clean. Sparred 12 rounds with 4 guys the otherday and got hit clean 4 times.

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    My sister hits harder than I do
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    You can either hit or you can't Technique can help a bit on the hook. Back in the day pro trainers said I have good hand speed and power, which is true, but they keep bitchin' the hook needs better footwork and needs to connect like a slaming gate as if the punch wasn't good.

    Okay, I could slow it down for technical reasons, but what good will that do me in the ring? The opponent didn't think the hook needs work. I felt the power was best in the shoulders, some say its in the legs. It's what you have, work on that, don't try to make it look pretty just to be technical unless you get countered for doing it.

    My .$02