ATG: Who Ranks Higher, Canelo or Donaire?

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by asero, May 29, 2021.

ATG: Who Ranks Higher?

This poll will close on May 29, 2031 at 9:11 PM.
  1. Nonito Donaire Jr.

    59 vote(s)
  2. Canelo Alvarez

    40 vote(s)
  1. Bofo24

    Bofo24 Member Full Member

    Mar 21, 2019
    • Oubaali (champ again at 38)
    • Nishioka
    • Montiel
    • Mthalane
    • Darchinyan
    Peak, undefeated and unified Darchinyan, then Montiel, and Nishioka, back then could be at least A-.
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  2. f1ght3rz

    f1ght3rz Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Jan 31, 2018
    Easily Donaire right now.

    But probably Canelo in 10 years from now.
  3. chacal

    chacal F*** the new normal Full Member

    Jun 21, 2015
    average joe answer: "donaire because I like him better. Canelo bad, the tv told me, and a guy in a forum told me too.".

    ******s. Looks like the answer a small 3 years old girl would give.

    Canelo is way a better boxer than donarie is. And donaire is A HELL OF A BOXER. One of my favorites, I've always rooted for him (but when he fought rigo). But what's true, is true. Canelo is a better fighter. There's nothing donaire does better than canelo (today's canelo, 30 years old, who has improved his footwork by a freaking lot)
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  4. shadow111

    shadow111 Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Aug 1, 2012
    Of course he has, these people talking about Donaire ranking higher than Canelo are clearly trolls. No different than the clowns who think GGG beat Canelo. Even besides signature wins, Canelo is far ahead of Doanire at this point. Lets look at the numbers shall we.

    Canelo is 56-1-2 with 38 KOs. That's a 64% KO%. Canelo's never been stopped, he's never been down in his entire career.
    Donaire is 41-6-0 with only 27 KOs. That's only a 57% KO%. So Donaire has been much more reliant on judges throughout his career than Canelo has. Donaire has 6 losses, that's 5 more losses than Canelo and he's been stopped once.

    It seems that in these comparisons of other fighters vs Canelo, no one ever seems to look at # of losses or # of times stopped. It's like losses and # of times stopped are completely ignored as if they never happened lol. And it's not just with Canelo, we seen the same kind of thing with Pacquiao fans with respect to Mayweather. Pac fans to this day still argue he should rank higher than Mayweather despite having a plethora of losses and being stopped multiple times. You can't just whitewash bad losses. Now people might disagree with some of the decisions that have gone Canelo's way, but we're not talking just 1 or 2 less losses than Donaire. We're talking 5 less losses and a stoppage. If Donaire only had 2 or 3 losses and never was stopped, maybe you can argue that Canelo could have the same number of losses had some decisions not gone his way, but Doanire has far too many losses to even be in the same conversation as Canelo. And his 1 loss was to Mayweather who's never been beat, which means it's as good of a loss as you can possibly have.

    Also Donaire has never been P4P #1. I think the highest he ever got was P4P #3 if I'm not mistaken. It's actually comical that so many people would put Donaire ahead of Canelo, it's a sign of insecurity in regards to Canelo. Don't get me wrong, Donaire is a great fighter, and is an ATG and had a fantastic career, but putting him in the same breath as Canelo you'd have to be out your damn mind. The complete and utter lack of respect for Canelo is nauseating. People really need a reality check, and seeing people wreck themselves on a constant basis as it relates to Canelo, well it's not a good look. History will not be kind to people who don't recognize true greatness in the sport.
  5. Rumsfeld

    Rumsfeld Moderator Staff Member

    Jul 19, 2004
    Canelo for me.

    Canelo has already been considered a P4P elite for a longer stretch than was ever the case for Nonito.
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  6. Serge

    Serge Ginger Dracula Staff Member

    Jul 21, 2009
    Donitio and if they were the same size as each other he'd paddle that ginger toad's fat ass all over the ring. Take away Ginger's two gifts from the judges against GGG and all the other gifts they've bestowed upon him and his CV suddenly looks distinctively average. Nonito actually deserves virtually all if not all his wins and he didn't need to jack himself with industrial amounts of PEDs to help him navigate moving up through the divisions.

    Can you imagine what Inoue and Rigo would do to Clenelo if they were the same size as him? :facepalm:

    No one would want to see that, not even me and I'm not Clenelo's biggest fan
  7. maac

    maac Member Full Member

    Apr 6, 2007
    Miles better objective, and close to truth, that analysis of shadow111 (and Rumsfeld btw) than this
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  8. Serge

    Serge Ginger Dracula Staff Member

    Jul 21, 2009
  9. shadow111

    shadow111 Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Aug 1, 2012
    Thank you maac, Serge can learn a lot from me and Rumsfeld about boxing. And he can learn a lot from you too maac, I hope to hear more of your input because I think you could teach Serge and many others a lot about objective boxing.
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  10. shadow111

    shadow111 Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Aug 1, 2012
    Why are you thanking him? He said my analysis and Rummy's are far more objective than your stuff. You must have read it wrong. Maac knows boxing and knows the difference between funny business and real objective boxing analysis.
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  11. Serge

    Serge Ginger Dracula Staff Member

    Jul 21, 2009
  12. shadow111

    shadow111 Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Aug 1, 2012
  13. BigBone

    BigBone Boxing Addict Full Member

    Nov 20, 2007
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  14. gollumsluvslave

    gollumsluvslave Active Member Full Member

    Dec 20, 2020
    Donaire for me right now as Canelo has a few question marks in my book:-

    - Vacating after beating Cotto and aging GGG out 2 years. That is NOT what I'd want to see from ATG
    - The whole Clenbuterol stuff. Regardless of whether the meat was tainted, Alvarez is also tainted like it or not.
    - He definitely lost the first against GGG and a very strong case he lost the 2nd. (I had 115-113 to either side of a draw. Because GGG was stiffed in the first, I felt it should have went to Golovkin)
    - Has clearly pulled diva A-side stuff to stack the decks in his favour - rehydration, short camps, clever 'title grabs'
    - Other fights of his have had controversial scoring (Lara, Floyd (that DRAW card!!!!). No smoke without fire? When has Canelo ever been on receiving end of any remotely dubious card AGAINST him?

    That said, he gets props for the following:-
    + Showed true champ spirit to come back from being schooled by Mayweather a better fighter for it
    + Is dedicated to the sport and trains super hard
    + Fights regularly, something all to lacking from the modern game

    But Doniare is a true legend that has done it all the super hard way, strove to be great (fell short against a top P4Per in Rigo), and came back giving another future HOF/ATG Inoue all he could handle. And now oldest ever 118 champ.

    Nonito for me, but Canelo has a lot of time to surpass him yet.
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  15. Oddone

    Oddone Bermane Stiverne’s life coach. Full Member

    Aug 18, 2019
    You forgot catchweights and rehydration clauses.