Bas Rutten training Kimbo! (video)

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    Aug 2, 2004
    RAY MERCER quotes about his training
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    "I’ve been doing Ju Jitsu. We worked with a lot of people to get prepared for this fight. Dave is still with us and we have another two guys that are real experienced in this game and they’ve been showing me a lot. We have been training real hard for this fight. This training camp has been harder than training for a regular fight. There are so many things that I have learned in this MMA thing. We’ve been doing it all.
    when you train, you have to be prepared for anything. So we trained and prepared for everything. Boxing is our number one thing and that is what I like to do. But I know that other things are going to come out and we are going to be ready. We are going to do some offensive things....."

    "You have to train to be ready for everything. And I am not going to get in there and box. Fighters throw two hands. I hear Kimbo is working on his kicks. And I know he is going to try it so we have to be prepared for that."

    "It’s going to be a great night and it’s going to show people that as old as I am I can still learn some things."

    "I am just learning what they are teaching me to do....what I have been able to do is learn. I am always going to be Ray mercer, but this is martial arts, I am not just going in there to box. I am going to learn everything. I already know how to box, learning these other things is kind of rough but I’m learning it and I‘m going to have to know it. I have been training in martial arts for 9 weeks.....I’m not a wrestler but we are trying to learn this thing."

    "This has been an adjustment for me. I have to prepare for more things. Training in boxing mode is all about discipline. In this you have to be just as intense because you have everything coming at you. You don’t know what he’s going to throw. You have to be prepared in a different kind of sense – you have to ready for everything."

    "I had to make adjustments and I had people help me with that."

    "All I care about is winning this fight. That is the most important thing in my life right now. Just like Kimbo said, his life has changed. My life has changed too. It has given me another notch in the fight game. My kids and my family...this is for them. When I get in that ring, I am willing to die for my family....I am taking this fight very seriously.

    "This fight is for me and my family. I’ve got nine kids, man, and we need to win this fight and we need to win this fight big. I never trained this hard – I’ve never been in training camp for nine weeks. I’ve been doing this training thing for nine weeks. I lost my last fight [to shannon briggs] and I’ve got to bounce back. I’m not ready to quit fighting. I’m 46-years-old and that is nothing to me. It shows that I’ve got a little more experience in life. Age is nothing but a number. You can ask George Foreman the same thing. He became champion at what? 45 years old? I am doing this because I am doing this, I can. Age is nothing but a number. I know you’ve heard that before, but age is just a number. With age comes experience."

    "I would definitely do this again. It is making me feel young, and if my body can hold up I’m all for it."

    "We are going to do this then go have a drink."
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    I feel Kimbo is going to make a big splash in MMA, like anything it all comes down to dedication and Kimbo has lot's of that and has gotten in the spotlight the hard way and i feel he won't be denied now that he is there. Sure mercer has the boxing skills and experience of big fights...but Kimbo has the drive and it will lead him to victory
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    "I’ve never been in training camp for nine weeks".

    Says alot about the dedication he gave his boxing career.
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    A guy I know/trained with is on the under card. I am trining with him after the fight again.