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    Dec 18, 2013
    Hi, I've been training for about 6 months, I'm 22 in a couple of weeks and when I began training I had just quit smoking and also no longer drink alcohol. I wanted to box when I was younger but used to get out of my face a bit to often and I suppose I felt that I was too far gone.

    Anyway, so I started running about 1.5 miles maybe once or twice a week, the first time I attempted this I was nearly sick, and I'm not sure I made the full run without slowing to almost walking pace (sort of, walking actually). I was about 15 stone at the time. I actually found this website and took the beginner's routine that is pinned in the training section of the forum and stuck with that for about 2 months.

    I started going to the beginners boxing session at a local club, the first couple times this really ruined me and I was worried I wouldn't be able to gain enough stamina.

    I kept at it, I managed to build my motivation high enough and began extending my runs, from 1.5 to 2 and so on, now I am going for 7 - 10 mile and am surprised how easy its become.

    If I've been running a lot, I incorporate some swimming although I seem to last longer on my feet than I do in the pool (might be because I can hear the jacuzzi and sauna calling me)

    I've been going to my local club for about 5 and a half months and the beginners session has actually began to feel a bit too easy, I've now mustered up the courage to ask to go an extra day which is the day the carded fighters train, which means sparring begins.

    So now this is how my routine will look:

    Monday - Rest day, mental conditioning, maybe some yoga (I heard this can help fighters a great deal so I'm gonna try it), bit of shadow boxing but not a lot.
    Tuesday - Training with club so will probably be circuit training, shadowboxing, heavy bag and sparring.
    Wednesday - Training with club, this will be circuit training, touch sparring / pad work and heavy bag.
    Thursday - I'll be at the gym so this will be shadow boxing (warm up and warm down), heavy bag, swimming, squats, lunges, burpees, working my stomach through planks, medicine ball exercises, sit ups, crunches etc.
    Friday - 10 mile run, shadow boxing (about 3 rounds), stomach training and neck exercises (yes and nos to failure).
    Saturday - I go to the gym with my brothers, we have sort of an all round weight training session, two exercises on each muscle except legs (only I train legs :patsch) this also includes dips, pullups, planks and some extras on stomach. Finish off with 15 minutes on cross trainer and 15 minutes on the heavy bag (without breaks as there is only 1 heavy bag and me and my brother alternate).
    Sunday - 6 mile run, shadow boxing (about 3 rounds), stomach and neck. Depending on how I feel I might swap the running for swimming.

    I was going to buy a speed bag for home as I've got really good at it by turning up early to the club and practising, after spending a day browsing this forum I'm now under the impression this is a complete waste of time and I should invest in a mexican double end bag instead.

    I do have a 9 -5 job so I am trying to do the best with the time I have but if there is anything you think I should change, or any advice you have, please let me know.

    Edit: I noted I was 15 stone something when I started, I'm now just under 14 and I'm about 6ft tall - this also makes me wonder about my best weight class if you can help with this? I'd say my body fat percentage is pretty low now but I still want to lose some, I watched a video earlier that suggested sometimes boxers should consider shedding muscle aswell? (I don't want to lose muscle if I can help it)
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    Dec 18, 2013
    Monday 03/03/2014 -

    Tuesday 04/04/2014 -
    Training with club, was really nervous about sparring but ended up only doing front hand/back hand defence of jabs and straights so I guess I'm being eased into the sparring.

    1 round shadow boxing with weights
    1 round shadow boxing without
    & repeat

    4 rounds on the heavy bag

    5 rounds jab/straight sparring with different partners

    circuit training 45 seconds each exercise; step ups, resistance punches, burpees, press ups, weighted punches, medicine ball squats, pull ups, slamming medicine ball, sit ups, calf jumps (& repeated once more with 1min rest in-between).

    I didn't land a lot of jabs or straights in the sparring but was experimenting with feints and stuff and getting used to it I suppose as this was my first session actually hitting eachother :yep

    I learnt that if I keep my elbow down my jab is less predictable as you can't see the shoulder rotate as much before the jab lands.

    Wednesday 05/03/2014 -
    Training with club.

    1 round shadow boxing with weights
    1 round shadow boxing without weights
    3 rounds on the bag
    3 rounds pad work with different combos
    2 rounds on the bag
    circuit training 30 seconds each exercise; step ups, burpees, press ups, weighted punches, medicine ball squats, slamming medicine ball, sit ups, medicine ball twists and plank.
    sprints back and forth with about 15 seconds rest in-between

    I was told on Wednesday that my stance is too wide, and that my main problem is my footwork.

    Thursday 06/03/2014 -

    2 rounds shadow boxing
    2 rounds skipping

    Friday 07/03/2014 -

    Inverted pullups 5x5
    pullups 5x5
    dips 5x5
    situps with medicine ball
    twists with medicine ball and legs raised
    situps without medicine ball
    plank for 30 seconds
    & repeated
    15 mins on cross trainer, after every 2 minutes whacking the effort level right up and doing a 30sec - 1min sprint.
    20 lengths in pool, breast stroke&front crawl&back stroke.

    Saturday 08/03/2014 -

    2 rounds skipping
    3 rounds shadow boxing (trying to get my feet right)
    bench press 1x5 90kg and 4x5 80kg
    sitting military press w/ dumbbells 5x5 22kg each dumbbell.
    pullups 3x8
    dips 3x8
    LAT pulldown 3x10 60kg
    Stomach crunch machine thingy 3x15 on 45kg
    dumbbells for shoulders (not sure what its called, lift from hip outwards, back to hips then up out infront of chest is one rep) 3x10 8kg each dumbbell.
    5 x 5 15 kg dumbbells bicep curls
    1 set of 21s on biceps on about 25kg i think (not much)
    3 x 10 on tricep pull down, think it was about 30kg or something, can't really remember what I was doing on this though.
    10 mins cross trainer (sprint intervals)
    10 mins on the heavy bag

    Today 09/03/2014

    Want to do some skipping, shadow boxing and hopefully a long arse run. Reallly wanna get my footwork right and fast.
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    Dec 18, 2013
    Monday 10/03/2014 -

    4 rounds skipping
    1.5 mile run at fast pace
    4 round shadow boxing

    Tuesday 11/03/2014 -

    light jog and warm up exercises
    2x3min rounds shadow boxing
    5x3min rounds bags
    4x2min rounds on pads
    circuit training 45 seconds on each station; pressups, shadow box with weights, bicep extensions with medicine ball, tricep extentions with medicine ball, chin ups, hanging leg raises, step ups on big tyre, sitting with legs raised rotating with medicine ball (not sure of the name for this excersise), burpees.

    Wednesday 12/03/2014-

    jog and warm up exercises
    3x2min rounds of 10 pressups > 10 situps > 10 burpees on rotation.
    3x2min rounds of skipping
    3x2min rounds 20 punches out with weights, 20 punches out with weights whilst squatting, 20 punches out without weights, 20 punches out without weights whilst squatting on rotation.
    3x2min rounds on bag with 30 second run in between
    circuit training 30 seconds a station (2 rounds); weighted shadow boxing, medicine ball slams, pressups, step ups, situps, burpees and calf jumps.
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    Dec 18, 2013
    Thursday&Friday 13&14/03/2014-

    Accidentally got pissed out of my face for my birthday, Thursday and Friday are a complete write off.

    Saturday 15/03/2014-

    5 min jog
    5x5 90kg bench press
    5x5 24kg dumbbell military press
    3x8 pull ups
    3x8 dips
    3x15 weighted stomach crunches 40kg
    3x10 40kg>50kg>60kg cable row
    3x8 lat pull down 40kg>50kg>60kg
    Some tricep cable pulldowns and bicep curls but not a lot really, was still feeling it from the birthday celebrations.
    15mins bag work with no breaks
    15mins cross trainer, intervals with progressively longer sprint periods.
    a little bit of skipping
    4x20 sec planks

    Sunday 16/03/2014 -

    Again nothing at all except a little bit of shadow boxing, really let myself go for the first time in ages.

    Monday 17/03/2014 -

    1.5 mile run at fast pace
    a couple rounds of skipping and some shadow boxing

    Tuesday 18/03/2014 -

    running and warm up excerises
    a couple rounds shadow boxing focusing on pivots and slips in both orthodox and southpaw stance
    further warm up excersises
    4 rounds touch sparring, jabs and straights to head or body (I had much more success this time than the last time so definitely felt good after)
    4x3min rounds on bags
    circuit training: Round 1 = 10 pressups, 10 situps, 10 burpees, 50 punches Round 2 = 20 pressups, 20 situps, 20 burpees, 100 punches Round 3 = 30 pressups, 30 situps, 30 burpees, 200 punches Round 4 = 10 pressups, 20 situps, 30 burpees 150 punches Round 5 = 30 pressups, 20 situps, 10 burpees 100 punches Round 6 = 10 pressups, 10 situps, 10 burpees, 50 punches. Depending on how quickly you finished you had a bout 30 secs to a minute rest in between rounds.
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    Dec 24, 2014
    looking good keep up the good work