Bernard Dunne v Reidar Walstad(free stream Tonight/Today)

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    Yes I have already posted this in the main forum but people here might have more interest in it . You might say it has nothing to do with the British forum , Well Reidar Walstad trains in London so it does:p

    Tonight Bernard Dunne defends his European Super-Bantamweight title against Reidar Walstad who beat Dunne in the amateurs .

    As usual the fight is being televised on RTE , who as always have a stream for the fight(which can be viewed anywhere) . It'll be available from
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    at 21:30(Irish/UK time) .

    The stream will be showing all of what is televised so will be including the undercard , which is pretty poor to be honest . Wayne McCullough pulled out as he wasn't 'focused' due to a delay with getting an opponent so the main fight on the undercard is now Neil Sinclair v Francis Jones .

    Other fights are Oisin ***an v Chill John , ***an lost a SD to Paul Spadafora recently .

    Hungarian/Pole Lukasz Wawrzyczek is also on the card , he seems real quality and will get to at least European level for me , However does seem to seriously lack power though . He's fighting Ciarán Healy .

    Some of the other fights on the bill may get highlights of them shown depednding on results but none of the fights left are of real interest .

    Wayne McCullough still plans on a comeback and for the first time has challenged Dunne , so if Dunne beats Walstad and then beats his mandatory Kiko Martinez , then that'll probably take place .

    3 weeks from tomorrow John Duddy is fighting in Ireland and his fight will also be on RTE so presumely will have a stream too . He's fighting a fairly overmatched opponent for his homecoming though .

    Video Interviews with Dunne and Walstad can be seen here :
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    Thanks for the information.I hope it will be a good fight.