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    Aug 2, 2013
    By Sammy L

    Chris Eubank Snr was one of the most colourful characters to ever box. Replying via email, Eubank Snr takes the time to answer questions and give a tribute to the legendary Marvin Hagler.

    On the subject of whether he remembered fighters like Riddick Bowe in his days in New York:

    I sparred 80 or 90 rounds with Riddick Bowe in the Lunar Boxing Club, NYC in 84. He was middleweight, I was light middle. He was there with friend Webster and brothers Robert Burton and Richard Burton who were friends with Mike Tyson and Mark Breland. I would travel with my friend Felipe, a three times Golden Gloves champ. We would all spar together along with three or four others there

    [editors note: Webster Vinson, Felipe Parilla]

    Hero? Marley as a child. Mandela as an adult.

    Boxing hero? Mike Tyson.

    First boxing memory? My brothers training in the house when I was 7.

    Favourite fight? Joe Louis vs Max Schmeling II, or Pernell vs Nazario for the beautiful body punching.

    Best opponent faced? By far, Michael Watson in our second fight.

    Hardest puncher faced? Nigel Benn.

    Best performance? Germany vs Graciano. In terms of being punch perfect.

    Best fighter today? Saul. A throwback.

    Best fight ever seen? Watson vs Eubank II. The fight had everything.

    Best fighter ever seen? The best defensively was Herol Graham. The best offensively was Roy. The best overall is Duran because the best skill is to offensively defend.

    Prediction of Joshua v Fury:

    I would pick Joe Louis to beat Ali because I’m an old school purist.

    Think about it mathematically. -If Louis stepped with the jab he would have Ali on the ropes within two jabs, then comes a left hook if Muhammad moves to his right or a right hand if Muhammad moves to his left.

    If AJ can learn how to step with the jab instead of just putting it out there then he beats my friend Tyson Fury because these men have long legs. Whether he has enough time to learn that after being fast tracked remains to be seen.

    The wish must be for both men to remain undamaged. Winning and losing are imposters & draws are Godsends.

    Thoughts on Marvin Hagler who sadly passed recently:

    ‘Marvelous’ Marvin Hagler was a blueprint. This man had no Olympic backing. He never took days off, you never heard him convey foul language and there was no quit in him. Integrity. Dignity.

    What the East Coast hotbed did was it fortifies you when you come on through. He was proof that the darker the tunnel the brighter the light at the end of it.

    The universe lost a true warrior. RIP Mr Hagler

    On the subject of his son working with the great Roy Jones Jnr for his upcoming May 1st bout:

    What Roy is learning Christopher is to be loose and relaxed. Roy was a master of this in his prime. They both have speed and combinations and fathers who boxed, so there is a synergy between them and that will breed success I believe.
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    I personally see a Calzaghe-Lacy type beating, from Fury to Joshua.
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    Eubank’s first six-rounder, at a country club in the middle of nowhere in front of a few dozen people with no TV -

    Over fast. They didn’t even know his name.
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    Where do you get these interviews from?
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    The best Eubank quote is “She actually agreed to oral sex - that’s not an opinion! It’s evidence!” When doing punditry live on Sky box office talking about Mike Tyson
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    Great footage. I hadn't seen that. Thanks.
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    Between the 10 seconds he wasn't banned he'd put out good eubank interview content...but he blew a gasket once he started pretending he had sparred World champions was all to feed the narrative he is Jnr. He isn't.Just a super fan
    Anyway looks like someone got him banned for good. He really knew his stuff on the sport in the 90s.No question. Sadly a lot of people take forums for real life.They just aren't.people should stay detached and not care less about online A holes and trolls
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