Big fights for UK fighters

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  1. Scissors

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    Feb 11, 2018
    On the back of the other thread, this is a thread about what DAZN can give us as opposed to what we’ve got now. I’ll work through the weight classes. You need to remember that big fights on DAZN won’t solely be in the UK, a lot of time fighters will be going over there.

    The heavyweights need no introduction and the best fights out there all include brits, the biggest fighters outside of the UK are Wilder, Usyk, Parker, Ruiz, Hunter. We’ve had all the fights with UK fighters and bar Wilder all on our soil.

    Cruiserweight we’ve obviously got Okolie champion but the other champions in the division aren’t expensive.

    Light Heavy we’ve got Buatsi but he’s yet to make a step up so it’s a bit far fetched to be mentioning the big names at the minute.

    Super Middle we’ve had Canelo run through our best like a hot knife through butter already.

    Middleweight Eddie has only got Felix Cash but maybe he could get Eubank a GGG, Charlo or Andrade fight

    Super Welter we’ve got Fowler, Cheeseman, Fitz, Beefy who can / should all fight domestically or internationally we’ve got the Charlo’s.

    Welter is interesting. You’ve got Spence, Crawford, Pacquiao, Danny and Mikey Garcia etc. But we’ve only got Conor Benn to offer.

    Super lightweight Eddie’s only interest at present is Ritson. Obviously Taylor has already cleaned up without the help of DAZN.

    I can’t be bothered carrying on but someone else can If they want, but basically where are these big fights and better cards coming from?
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  2. Terminator

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    Dec 9, 2020
    Earn will go balls deep into the next olympians. Apart from taylor, joshua and fury there arent any current brits that are the best at their weight
  3. Donald Donaldson

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    Oct 1, 2020
    Call me a cynic but I am not that optimistic about any big fight happening that would/could not have happened otherwise, I don't inherently dislike Eddie Hearn and am trying to be optimistic but I take everything he says with a huge pinch of salt.

    Looking at that list there is certainly nothing that jumps out straight away as happening in the near future.

    The example I would use is LHW. For a time Eddie had Burton, Buatsi, Richards and Johnson all signed to Matchroom all the top talent UK wise apart from Yarde- none were big names, on the contrary. None were commanding big purses. None of them had that much to lose (well, maybe Buatsi possibly but even then..). Yet, none of them fought each other!

    Why did the fights not happen then? And will that sort of fight be getting made all the time now?

    I doubt it.

    We'll get Cheeseman Fowler at some point this year probably, Felix Cash for a European title, Benn vs an ageing WW, Okolie vs another champion will get made so he can unify before moving up, Buatsi vs a good Euro level fighter (it's always 'next fight has to be a big one' with JB but it never happens). Eubank I have no faith in. Ritson is useless, Taylor will destroy him if he doesn't vacate and fights him. Bit of a nothing fight.

    I'm struggling to think of fights which can't be made now, and DAZN will unlock the possibility of them being made.

    Maybe the money will now be there for Benn vs Kelly non PPV?

    Even if it is, good fight I'd love to see it, but hardly a huge fight is it...
  4. Jurgen

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    Sep 30, 2016
    Eh Day went balls deep into Tony Bellew
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  5. Surrix

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    Sep 16, 2020
    How do you mean this?
    Makabu and Briedis might not dance under eddie music there.
    Old Briedis might not step out from dual sided rematch clause here and demand 7 digits paycheck and no place to talk that this might be dream sum for him he never had get for fight in total. Or demand from Okolie to fight vs him at HW and not in Matchroom show.
    Makabu might not agree with one sided rematch clauses.

    They both will be really far more expensive than beltless, ring rusty, coming out of defeat via stoppage post covid Glowacki.

    Plus might appear that they will appear not enough old for Okolie to travel till matchroom cards.
    Makabu too might KO him and this post covid Glowacki with a glance if he will land normally 1 punch, old Briedis if in good shape might finish him in distance and then no matchroom cards here for eddie kid. If he will contract to fight vs old Briedis, he will have amazing night in dressing room, they will supervise wrapping process etc in depth.
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  6. Donald Donaldson

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    Oct 1, 2020
    Makabu isn't exactly a household name who get's paydays dangled in front of him all the time- I've got no doubt he would fight Okolie.

    I'd back Okolie to stop him. Not a foregone conclusion by any means but Makabu is short barely over 5'11, so Okolie (who is a giant CW) will be able to keep him at bay when needed with a long jab, time him, and land a big right hand when Makabu is coming in recklessly.

    That shot will be there for him for sure, and when it lands I think Makabu is gone. Okolie is an expert at keeping smaller/shorter fighters at bay, he fights tall and is very good at staying out of range, that type of fighter is perfect for him.

    If Breidis stays at CW I think he would not be that hard to agree a deal with. Much more difficult fight obviously, Breidis the fav but Okolie winning would not shock me.
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  7. Surrix

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    Sep 16, 2020
    Looks that is not easy to agree about contracts, rumors had been that was possible fight vs Makabu, eddie talking since march about Okolie fight and naw there.

    Breidis knows that he already had lost on matchroom cards and how comments will be done etc.
    He should KO Okolie to win him in eddie show and most likely will not agree on one sided rematch clause in behalf only for Okolie cos he does have 2 belts and Okolie 1 belt.
    Doesn't also looks that he is so interested to get next belt.
    When he won vs Huck, he get 1 belt not 2 cos did not had paid fees for 2 nd belt.:ohno.

    To fight I think vs him to agree might be not hard, about contracts and ammount of $ yeah + dressing room night will be not pleasure for Okolie, they will check all in depth. wrapping process, gloves etc.
  8. Surrix

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    Sep 16, 2020
    Ofc, depends what kind of contract. He might still prefer easier fights if eddie will not offer dual side clause instead of one sided clause cos he does have belt and he not likely is able to win him on cards.
  9. Terminator

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    Dec 9, 2020
    Okolie will destroy anthony bellends legacy by beating makabu in much easier fashion.

    He will get his arse handed to him by breidis though
  10. Scissors

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    Feb 11, 2018
    Breidis isn’t a big global superstar who’s going to demand massive amounts of money. If both men were willing to fight I don’t see how it couldn’t have been made on Sky or chief support on a sky PPV at the very worst case.
  11. On The Money

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    Apr 4, 2012
    Poor that Hearn can't even make a fight within his own stable and would rather lose Usyk. That's what it's looking like to me.
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  12. N17

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    Feb 16, 2013

    And how did Bellew repay that balls deep love Hearn gave him?

    He turned around and went shoulder deep in to AJ.

    I've never known a man to speak the way Bellew does about AJ without there being a loving relationship, it's sickening at times.

    If I was AJ, I'd have a restraining order, just to be on the safe side.
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  13. Surrix

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    Sep 16, 2020
    Well, Briedis is not easy fight for anyone if he is in good shape. This his shape ofc is not predictable at all.
    Briedis is very uncomfortable to fight with in clinch, it will not be Askin.
    For comparision: Briedis pushes Usyk without clinch and Usyk was down. Dorticos pushes Tabiti and destroys him while looked that he will not win on cards vs Tabiti. Dorticos vs Briedis: he pushes Dorticos back and continue to box without clinching. It is real difference here.

    Next stuff: Eddie might just wait while Briedis will vacate belts or fight his IBF mandatory or someone else.
    I suspect that if he will stay at CW, he will attempt to negotiate Makabu fight.
    Regards to fight purses he will not be so cheap as Glowacki or Makabu for sure.

    Rumors had been that already looks that in march had been demanded 7 digits purse and dual side rematch clause.
    Next nightmare will be stress level: Briedis team will check hands wraps, wrapping process and gloves with vigor.

    Eddie might choose another tactic: wait till autumn when most likely Briedis will be at HW or retired.
    Until this he might attempt to book Makabu for Okolie until Briedis did not managed to contract to fight vs Makabu.

    Maybe Briedis will not fight at CW anyomre.
    I don't think that with him is so easy to negotiate. To fight with boxers he ofc looks not difficult to negotiate, if about contracts and clauses, then not so easy.
    I think some fights he might be very easy to negotiate but this is not vs Okolie.
    Vs Usyk at HW or Beterbiev, Canelo he might agree for cheaper purses.
  14. Scissors

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    Feb 11, 2018
    You’re completely missing the point. Nobody debates Breidis quality. Is he an expensive opponent who is suddenly now going to come over to the UK and fight that there’s more money on offer? Or was he an opponent who was achievable beforehand? This is all regardless of in ring ability.
  15. Surrix

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    Sep 16, 2020
    First thing is about $, EUR, GBP his opponents;):nonono will ask for fight vs him at CW.
    When Briedis did not had major world title, his opponent in then promising possible full world title cotender had get 6 digits paycheck and first digit was not 1, like if just only 1xx xxx. Then Briedis even yet did not had Huck in the ring in Germany. before!!!!!! this. yeah.
    Actually props to Huck, he really proved that he does have balls and not only vs Briedis.
    I'm really do not believe that Okolie, regardless from all PR talks thing in mass media ( boxers should have social media activity and big mouths ) might agree to fight vs Briedis for 200-250 k GBP. There are damn a lot of reasons.
    1. Okolie does have full WBO World title and Briedis today looks that even IS NOT ranked under WBO ranking at CW. Not likely he will be his mandatory for his WBO World title.
    2. Briedis for sure is not Glowacki and Okolie and eddie does knows this with a glance.
    3. If Okolie will wait a bit he might escape risk not look impressive vs Briedis, this alone might lower his sales potential in future career, every one does knows this and this regardless from matchroom judges and cards here.
    For example imagine his future sales potential if Briedis fe will drop him for a count and still win on cards?
    4. Okolie loves to chinch and in clinch Briedis will be far more dangerous than Usyk who is more well known boxer. He will be most tough and most skilled opponent for clinch today CW might offer. Doesn't looks so promising.
    5. Okolie does knows that most likely Briedis at CW will not be problem in 2022 th. Clock is ticking, tick tack.

    For Briedis: he looks that had far better paychecks than Glowacki during all his career and some really decent sponsor deals too plus he does knows that when covid will be gone, he might sell out large arena in his home country if there is good undercard.
    Pricing for tickets in his country is more close to Western euro than to Eastern euro price tags.

    There of course is some risk, some fights Briedis had in pro boxing were very boring.
    I really had compared his am KB fights vs pro boxing and there this was what this was.
    Still if in normal or good shape he might deliver A+++++ level fun and pleasure for both: fans and hardcore boxing pundits, lads who had boxed with elite fighters.
    It is a bit lottery here.

    For him, do not be so believing in some western sources, dude looks that almost had 1 m net worth before had climbed in the ring vs Perez.

    Yeah, eddie might tell : you are from small country, I will gave you big opportunity and please be happy and sign my contract with clauses only in Okolie behalf.
    Briedis might tell: my opponents had get xxx xxx and x xxx xxx for climbing in the ring with me and Okolie is not well known outside of U.K and is not big draw, I'm not here in position like Okolie was global superstar and I'm beltless dreamer.
    Nope, sign dual sided rematch clause and for each fight warrant me 7 digits pay check here.
    Why not, Dorticos climbed in the ring with him for 7 digits paycheck not peanuts.