Billy Jo Update

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    Sep 7, 2017
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    Apr 28, 2021
    I read a comment of someone who said they were there and they said Billy Joe knocked his son down and he cut his hand on a broken glass.

    It's probably all nonsense tho.
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    Aug 2, 2013
    True travellers disown him for quitting like a b-itch.
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    Aug 25, 2013
    Room temperature IQ BJS released a statement... outlining his lawyer saying not to make a statement. Honestly, the guy is a half-wit.

    As much as I dislike Canelo in 2021, I'm so glad he punished BJS.

    Brief track record:
    • Sexual assault in a taxi when he was 18
    • Making homeless people do things for crack
    • General racist, homophobic and arrogant remarks over the years
    • Failed drug test before his fight with Andrade
    • Mocking Barry McGuigan's daughter because she has cancer
    • Now a bonus round of assaulting someone, stabbing them in the hand and pulling a gun
    With all that said, I'd still love to see him beat Eubank again.
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    Sep 12, 2021
    Ha wtf
    Billy joe pulling knifes on one son and a gun on another . Seems like there some right action last night. But let’s not get to hasty not saying this man has fabricated any of these events ! Just hope the cameraman who got beaten to death gets the send off he deserves!
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    Sep 5, 2012
    You were doing so well until the last sentence.
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    Apr 11, 2010
    The absolute state of boxing fans these days,

    shameful lol
  8. Murderers' Row

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    Apr 23, 2020
    You still think worse of Eubank than Saunders after all of this? We can be friends.
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    Aug 22, 2009
    Surely Saunders wouldn’t be thick enough to be fighting in a dark car park fighting another gypsy with a knife when he’s got a couple million in the bank? Then again....
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    Apr 19, 2010
    impersonating a police officer
    rings police
    but the police are out to get my pal
    billy always the victim
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    Apr 21, 2014
    Have a wee think about who we're talking about here mate, I promise it'll be less of a surprise, the decision to post the video of him & galahad literally bullying much weaker people in the street was particularly genius.
  12. Donald Donaldson

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    Oct 1, 2020
    Billy has done some very daft things which I don't agree with, but most are in poor taste rather than malicious.

    He NEVER mocked Barry Mcguigan's daughter by the way, he posted comment and picture about his own daughter, and it was misinterpreted as it was after the sad death of Barry's daughter, it has zero to do with the Mcguigan family it was unrelated and a misunderstanding. For all the silly things he has done that is something he did not do.

    Does anyone seriously believe he pulled a gun on someone outside of pub, and stabbed someone?

    That's total rubbish. The guy making the accusations comes of like a sad fantasist who is jealous of Billy.
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  13. Murderers' Row

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    Apr 23, 2020
    That big meanie is just jealous of our wee Billy! Shame on the big meanie!
  14. nurological

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    May 25, 2012
    It wasnt misinterpreted because it was after the death of Barry's daughter, that was 2 years prior. It was misinterpreted because he was going in on Barry then the very next post put that up.
    I don't think he meant it, i think hes just a bit thick but i can see how people would think he did especially with his history.
  15. Donald Donaldson

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    Oct 1, 2020
    It was misinterpreted, in as much as his intention was completely misunderstood, certain people jumped to conclusions based on Billy's reputation, very unfairly in this case.
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