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Discussion in 'Boxing Training' started by RockMypap, Nov 1, 2022.

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    Oct 25, 2022
    2 weeks ago was doing bare knuckle boxing , did a few hooks, digged into it really hard. cant move my right hand the first few days, 2nd day went for xray, base of 5th metacarpal/hamate wrist bone, only show small signs of bone irregularities suggestive of fracture,
    pinky abit bent now like in crawl shape when resting. able to make a fist, do pull ups, grip stuffs, however any pressure apply to the pinky side of my palm above the wrist causes pain. not sure if its just a bone injury or did i injure my ligament/tendon as well? think i flexed abit of my fist as well when throwing the hooks
    has booked an appointment with my ortho in a few days time.
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    Sep 3, 2022
    Man, you've been to a doctor. If you've doubts you actually have multiple traumas, so some out of his competence, just go see another specialist. To me, it sounds typical, but the only advice I will insist on is not to take medical advices over the internet even if you're on a doctors' forum - even they need to see it before being conclusive.
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    If you've seen a doctor and have an appointment booked to see a professional, I don't know why you're asking about this on a boxing forum, a place where I've seen some of the dumbest advice I've ever read.

    Stick to the advice of the professionals you see, not the clueless simpletons on this forum.
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    Oct 20, 2022
    Did you consult the doctor??? Bro, now you are not a child if it seems something serious goes and checks the doctor as soon as possible this is something very serious and affects your health and also your daily routine life goes to some specialists physically.