Boxers who hated Ali?

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    Good post,Richard per usual. The thing about the timing of the FOTC was that Muhammad still had that jail sentence hanging over him so he needed to make the fight rapidly. So he knew that if he had to be sent to prison,at least his family would be ok financially.
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    Thanks for the compliment. At that particular time, there was a rumor flying around, if Muhammad Ali had defeated Joe Frazier, regained his title, he would have lost the U.S. Supreme Court case, Al would have had to serve his full 5 year sentence for Draft Evasion. But in the event Ali lost, which he did, the high court would hear his case, thus reversing his conviction, expunging his arrest. Ali's case was heard on June 28 1971, he was exonerated of any charges, the court ruled that some of Ali's constitutional rights had been violated, the Draft Board had failed to accept Ali's claim that he was a Muslim Minister.
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    He wasn't.

    That's why Norton was a problem all 3 fights, Ali couldn't get in his head and he stuck with a very challenging game plan from start to finish.

    Norton not only visited a hypnotist to get over the anxiety of facing such a famous boxer, he even laughed at some of the trash talk.

    I remember there was a clip of an interviewer telling Norton that Ali declared he would knock him out, to which Norton replied "it's a free country, he can say whatever he wants".
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    I remember it well, Muhammad Ali said, I Created Norton, Now I Must Destroy Him. Just as though he created him in a laboratory.
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