Boxing as a hobby

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    Apr 15, 2022
    Hi guys and girls,

    since finishing playing football I’ve started boxing again twice a week at my local boxing club, pad work, bag work and eventually sparring again when I’ve regained some technique and fitness. I avoid the circuit days as I struggle to train more than 2 days a week outside of the house due to family commitments

    I’m looking at including some functional strength workouts at home (aesthically and functionally) not size.

    I’ve been eyeing up some CrossFit WODs which I can do at home as I have the basic essentials but I’m unsure as what works best.
    So far I’ve been doing 2 days
    Warm Ups same both days
    3 x 10 Pallof press
    3 x 10 walking lunge rotations
    3 x 10 band pull aparts

    Day 1 -
    4 sets of goblet squats, press ups, pull ups,
    3 sets of split squats, plank holds, wall balls

    Day 2 -
    4 sets of cleans, squat to press, pull ups,
    3 sets db step ups, Russian twists and MB chest pass

    I’ve been looking at spicing it up with some CrossFit workouts to replace my current workouts but would like some advice on if they look any good,

    Day 1 - 6 Rounds
    10 press ups, 15 sit ups, 20 squat jumps

    Day 3 - 20 mins AMRAP
    5 pull ups, 10 press ups, 15 squats

    Day 5 - 21-15-9
    Deadlifts and Burpees for time
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    Sep 2, 2011
    I can't offer much advice in terms of a good routine since I'm a casual. But one thing I can say, be somewhat careful with weights if you're not in great shape. It's quite easy to injure yourself when you're throwing power shots.