"Boxing Is More Technical"

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    Actually, he's right. JC Chavez was an extremely skilled infighter, it's just that casual fans don't understand that infighting takes a high level of technical proficiency, they only think "slick" outboxers have high level skills, which is wrong. Roberto Duran was more skilled than Mayweather, though most casual fans and young people don't understand this.
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    Jun 20, 2008
    duran was a very skilled boxer for sure and particularly good with that roll and counter that james toney uses. but he got hit alot more than mayweather and chavez took more punches in most fights than mayweather probably has in his entire career.
    lets not get confused.. infighting is more to do with will than skill.
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    :huh I think you are confusing "good defence" with "overall skill". Defence is only one facet of boxing skill, it is far from the be all and end all.

    I'll ask you - who was the more skilled fighter, Nicolino Locche or Sugar Ray Robinson? James Toney or Sugar Ray Leonard? Floyd Mayweather Sr or Thomas Hearns?

    A better defence obviously does not always equal better skills/a higher skill fighter.

    That's ****ing insane. Honestly. :yikes
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    your saying chavez has more skill than mayweather and im the insane one?? :lol: righto mate, whatever.
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    They quite possibly view MMA as a fighting style, maybe they aren't too far off in that sense.

    I'll think about that one, a very sensible outlook altogether.

    High fives all around..

    PS Chavez is as skilled as Mayweather :!: