Boxing training from home?

Discussion in 'Boxing Training' started by Beaman, Sep 10, 2021.

  1. Beaman

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    Sep 10, 2021
    Hi all, I'd like to get some advice on boxing training from home.
    I know it's no substitute for a real gym, but I live in a small town with the closest gym being 1.5 hours away. I have a full time job and a shitty car, so that's out of the question for now.

    I've been doing some cardio/core training at the gym, followed by practicing footwork, jabs, and simple 1-2/1-2-3 combos with gloves.
    Now I'm want to invest in a heavy bag stand, but would like some advice on how to set up an efficient schedule with a logical structure.

    So my questions are (preferably for people who have experience boxing in a gym):
    1) What type of techniques should I work on first, with bag and without bag?

    2) Is it better to work on separate aspects, such as footwork and jabs from a stationary position, and then combine them later?

    3) Should I try to focus on both power and technique from the start, or technique first? I'm asking, because the few lessons I had in a real gym, the coach briefly showed me how to what to do and that had me throwing punches at a bag at full power.

    4) How long should a workout on the bag be, if I plan doing this say 4 times a week?

    5) Can you recommend some good instruction DVDs? I got one with Freddy Roach, and while it has some good tips, it very brief and gives you no sense of structure. Should have listened to those Amazon reviews.

    Any other suggestions that don't relate to the questions are also welcomed. Appreciate the help!
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    Jan 17, 2014
    Ill answer all your points when i have more time but when training from home you want to make sure you have mastered the basics and are strict with the fundamentals,

    Boxing training away from a knowledgable gym & trainer can be a nightmare because there is noone about to correct you when you are making mistakes with your technique & picking up bad habits,boxing training on a repetitive level embeds muscle memory into your fibres so bad habits are a nightmare to straighten out,so basically whatever you do make sure you are on top of that

    Dont get me wrong in a real fight things can just go out the window and it comes down to a battle of will and competitive spirit,but its still important to not pick them s****y habits up