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    Oct 25, 2015
    1. How to counter long reach boxers training
    2. Footwork : skipping ropes exercise to improve footwork
    3. side stepping skipping for 10 minutes
    4. forward and backwards skipping for 10 minutes
    5. one feet static for 10 min
    6. one feet skipping forwards and backwards 10 min
    7. left feet skipping sideways to left side 10 min
    8. right feet skipping to right side 10 min
    9. line jumps for 10 minutes
    crisscross for 10 minutes and repeat the steps helps improve foot work and stamina.
    Leg weight workout : 5 min lunges with weight (weight of dumbbell can vary)
    not too heavy as it can injure you.
    5 min squats with weights
    calf raises with weights for 5 min
    abductor workout fire hydrant for 5 minutes
    mountain climbers for 5 min.
    upper body .
    5 min push ups
    5 min pull ups
    5 min bicep curls
    5 min triceps dips
    5 min wrist curls
    5 min deltoids raises
    5 min sit ups
    5 min t rotations
    shadow box for 30 min
    punch with one hand using the 1,2,3,4,5,6 and alternate while stepping to the side for 10 min on the punching bag.
    swimming noodle pad work no punching just slipping ,blocking and bob and weave.
    swimming noodle pad work with punching only.
    swimming noodle pad work combined.
    padwork : combos
    bag work: jabs only for 10 min
    bag work: straights only 10 min
    bag work : hooks only 10 min
    bag work : uppercut only 10 min
    bag work combos
    get a sparring partner and practice footwork and defense only, your are not allowed to punch your job is to not get hit tell your partner to not punch hard .
    ask your partner to be defensive and you be the aggressor.
    play the game b o x i n g the rule is the boxer is only to use one punch only round b is jab round o is straight round x is hooks round I is uppercuts only round N is combos round G is combos.
    the boxer who gets to the punch first moves on a letter in the losers stays on the letter .