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    Okay i am 170 and 5'11 with 2 amuter fights and one comming up in 1 months time.

    ill try and keep up with this thread as i go along such as others have done..

    Today is Monday and here is what is what

    6am- ran 5 miles with 15 pound weighted vest... jogged mostly and sprinted up a hill afew times (about 100 yards)

    8am- warm up, Calastitics and jump rope followed by Boxing

    3 rounds of shadow boxing

    5, 3minute rounds of Heavy bag

    3 rounds of speed bag

    3 double end

    3 uppercut

    Then on to resistance band training.....Wide bands that have tugging affeect as you run, hop, skip threw a series of drills.

    as the week and days go on and i spar, and do different things i will post.