BRAVEST boxer?

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    Jun 23, 2021
    He may not be the bravest, but Bob Satterfield might match the description. That guy was simply "fearless". After watching plenty of his fights, he never ever hesitate to throw his bombs, never scared of getting countered despite getting brutally knocked out plenty of times and never afraid of firing back ad trade against his opponents. Not to mention he fought mostly in the heavyweight division, filled with some legit heavyweights who weigh around 200+ lbs while Satterfield, a natural super middle who weigh heaviest only at 184 lbs.

    Dude just took every chance he saw literally goes for it. Some people would hesitate or maybe pause for their actions but Satterfield? no. He would swing those atomic bombs like there was no tomorrow. As if the punch he threw would knock his opponent out, if he just kept going he would eventually knock them out without even thinking a second or two of it's consequences.

    Imagine if you had magic coin. When you flip heads, your life would significantly be better and other way around would happen if you get tails. You, desperate of a better life must've hesitated to flip the coin. Yeah, it's an easy route to a better life, but at the same time the risk of making your life worse is just as dangerous. With that being said, Satterfield is the type of person to flip the coin with no hesitation. He only sees it as a chance and an opportunity but never even reconsider the consequences.

    I read an old magazine once, he was shot on his left calf and immediately taken to the hospital. You may ask, how did that happen? Well the following story is: "When his wife, Iona Satterfield answered the door, two men announced a hold up. One carried a knife, the other a gun. Satterfield floored the knife carrier with a punch, whereupon the other guy shot him. Then both fled." Men he could've gotten himself killed. Like seriously! My guy never even hesitates, even against two armed robbers.

    But he should've floored the gun holder first instead of the knife carrier.
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    Sep 22, 2021
    Both, you can define it how you see bravery. In or even out of the ring.
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    I was thinking of new nicknames for fighters the other day actually. "Gambling" Bob Satterfield seemed to fit. He always rolled the dice at the first chance, sometimes he'd have his "pockets cleaned" other times he'd win the lot. Interesting man outside the ring too, nice post.
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    Jul 22, 2019

    Willie Pep
    Vinnie Paz
    Frazier against Foreman

    In the ring and outside: Corrie Sanders.
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    Yes, there are many who stand out even among the boxers who are ALL brave just for getting into a ring and engaging.

    Jack Johnson is always a nice high end answer for questions like this - brave in and out of the ring - even dealing with the out of ring dangers/potential threats while he was actually in the ring, simply trying to ply his trade and overcome the immediate threat and danger presented by the opponent before him.

    For someone like Ali to even shake his head upon musing the gigantic cajones on Lil Arthur is really saying something.
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    Oct 28, 2021
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    I'm so glad you posted that!!:thumbsup:
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    Frazier as mentioned earlier for his bouts against Bonavena and Foreman plus refusing to back down against Ali even while being essentially blind.
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    Paulie Malignaggi. Imagine going into every fight knowing your will never hurt or drop them and have to go the distance one handed. He had four surgeries on his right hand and basically boxed 12 rounds with variations of a jab and was still able to win most of the time.
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    Tyrell Biggs fought with a broken collarbone...and won!
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    In the ring, I've still got to go with that guy who kept fighting despite his jaw getting literally cracked in half.
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    Burley & Ali were only 10 years apart as professionals (Burley retired 1950, Ali started 1960).
    More impressive is Moore, starting off fighting in the 140's in 1935, ended as a HW/over 200 lbs. in 1963.
    Seeming to have no actual decline in success rate through his late 40's!
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    Wlad coming back from devastating failure to rule the prestige division for over a decade.
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    Good post…good shout outs
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    This has to be my response, I would say the men who fought to support their families knowing they'd never achieve glory or a title. Men who lived their life and career as a rung on a ladder for other fighters to step on to move up in the game. Guys who existed just to pad other guys records. It's a dark reality but they are by far the most brave, I won't argue semantics, those men were brave.

    EDIT: It came to mind, the fighters who drew out their longevity far past it's lengths and risked health to continue. I mean I think it goes without saying but, so many men fought far beyond their physical glory.
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