Can Naoya Inoue become a big boxing super star in the future?

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    That was my earlier post, I was just quoting the highlighted bit & giving an example of an up & coming young champ from Australia saying what I said. He wants to fight in Sydney as much as possible & I don't blame him (& Australia is part of the Anglo world unlike Japan or Ukraine)

    This whole shtick of fighting at home means you are taking the easy way out is a thing reserved for foreign fighters by ignorant Americans. Floyd never had his big fights outside Vegas, not even the Hatton fight with the whole of UK behind him though there was talk of a rematch at Wembley. Yet that is never mentioned when discussing his record but somehow Inoue has to come fight in US to be certified as a legit Boxer by certain American fans (this is even though besides Fulton, there are no top Americans at 122)
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    May 9, 2023
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    He can and he has the blue print already guys like Pac and Loma etc moved to the U.S and move up in weight to fight legit pnd for pnd talents.Which Nonoya hasn’t on two fronts.