Canelo is moving up to CRUISERWEIGHT

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    Zurdo fought at SMW not too long ago, and he's not currently a World Title Holder at LHW. Do you think he would move up to LHW to fight Zurdo in a non-title fight? His team has talked about fighting in Mexico next year, but do you think he would prefer to fight a fellow Mexican in Mexico or a non-Mexican?

    I don't think Canelo needs GGG or Charlo to move up to carve out a legacy at SMW. I think Bivol can happen at 168, but there is plenty of good competition at 168. Like a Zach Parker, who's ranked #1 by the WBO. Or how about a Unification with the IBO Champ (winner of Carlos Gongora vs Lerrone Richards). There's David Morrell Jr the WBA Regular Champ. There's this dude Aidos Yerbossynuly who's 16-0 and ranked #1 by the WBA. There's a fighter from Italy, Daniele Scardina who's 20-0 16 KOs. Or how about Berlanga Jr 18-0 16 KOs.

    Any of these guys could make a great fight with Canelo. I don't know about you but these kind of fights excite me more than fighting any of the guys that most people want to see him fight. I would like nothing more than to see some of these young up and coming SMWs getting a shot at Canelo for Undisputed. Think about what it would mean for these guys. This is what boxing needs in my opinion, creating new stars by taking young unproven talent and putting them on the biggest stage. Now maybe Canelo would destroy some of those guys, but so what, you never know if you don't give them a chance. One of those guys could be all wrong stylistically for Canelo and you'd never know.

    Canelo has an opportunity to take on a ton of talent at Super Middleweight. I couldn't imagine him vacating Undisputed. And I think it's apparent that he intends on defending those titles because it was confirmed that fighting at CW would not cause him to vacate any of his SMW Titles. People constantly trash Super Middleweight and act like it's a wasteland but they have no clue how much talent is there, has anyone really taken a good hard look at any of the fighters I just listed there? When you have this many formidable undefeated Champions they each are worthy for an opportunity to fight Canelo. These guys could keep Canelo busy for years. Canelo has an opportunity to be a Legendary Super Middleweight Champ and I think we need to look at Super Middleweight not as a wasteland but as the place to be. I also don't like the idea of Canelo continuing to put on weight and fighting much bigger guys than him. I understand the desire to win a Title at another weight class against a small Cruiserweight Title Holder, but this kind of thing could really shorten his prime if he is not careful. I think there's a bright future at 168 and Canelo really has no need to fight any higher than there. It's just too risky and there's plenty of competition at 168.

    Think about it this way - this whole Cruiserweight fight gets announced and many fans think it's some kind of a cherry pick because they see Makabu as the weakest CW Champion. There's a mixed reaction to it, but would anyone seriously complain if he took on some of those undefeated contenders at 168? How about this : Makabu for May, then Zach Parker for September. I would love to see him in there with a guy like Daniele Scardina. That guy can bang, and maybe Canelo sparks him out and you know what, if that happened it would be fireworks. Maybe an unknown like Scardina catches Canelo with something big.

    I just want to see the Undisputed be defended. It means so much more than just fighting some paper Champion. Fans have dreamed of having Undisputed for years and now we finally have that. Nothing to me is more interesting than seeing how long Canelo can reign as Undisputed at SMW. And in terms of legacy, when all is said and done, when you compare Canelo with the greatest Super Middleweights in history, like Ward or Calzaghe, the longer and more dominant that reign the better for Canelo. And people might say he's fighting unknown Bums by fighting these contenders. But keep this in mind, he just steamrolled 3 undefeated World Title holders in a row en route to Undisputed, 1 by shutout and the other 2 by sensational KO and people are acting like they were bums. It doesn't matter who Canelo fights, you'll always have haters. So you might as well ignore the haters and just take on the best most fun fights you can possibly make. And these SMW contenders are intriguing to me because of the unknown element of it. Canelo has already proved himself by fighting the best, and he still has tons of haters who complain about gift decisions and BS A-side demands. I think it's time for Canelo to really focus on defending Undisputed and having a long reign vs the best at Super Middleweight.
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    Hey, I would MUCH rather Beterbiev and Bivol fight each other, and you will see in other threads I have stated it's my best fight just now.

    And I don't blame the fighters - I blame the promoters who both jancy a bit of the Canelo pie - when Canelo moved up to fight Kov he opened that possibility for both.

    Hearn has been terrible for Bivol, and I believe Hearn is using Bivol as a path for Buatsi.

    But Beterbiev v Bivol is THE fight @175 - agreed.

    However that doesn't change that fact that Canelo is passing those 2 fighers by...
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    I am intrigued… even at 190, cruiser is a big jump that constitutes a bigger challenge than anybody at 168. Canelo is going to have to counter judiciously as he won’t be able to walk down or bully Makabu.

    Also happy for Makabu cos that pey dey is going to go a long way in Kinshasa.
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    didnt Kovalev win all but 1 round vs Yarde?
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    Hes chertypicking hes fighting Makabu cause he doesnt want to fight the likez of Benavidez,Bivol or Beterbiev wich all of them would be harder than Makabu.
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    Maybe Brock is NEXT!!!!
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    Of course it's a cherry pick Shadow111. Also the names you mentioned in your wall of text. Who are they? No I don't want him to fight people I have never heard of. This is about context there is none if you a selectively picking whilst claiming your are fighting for legacy. Ali is held in high regard because his resume at the weight is deep and has context as many fought each other. I have maintained in previous threads that Joe Calzaghe. Roy Jones and Andre Ward dismantle Canelo at smw better than GGG at middle. Unifying is an achievement but also have to accept that the division is in a trough it's lowest in its history and at any other time Canelo picks the most vulnerable at that weight and then moves upto light heavy.
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    This isn't April first.
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    My thoughts exactly

    Also intrigued and have no issue with this fight.

    Canelo has just fought every champion at 168 to unify the whole division so to be honest, he can do whatever the **** he wants in his next fight.
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    Your'e actually right about that! Marc Ramsay(Beterbiev trainer)said in a interview that there were talking with Bivol team,that was around 2 to 3years ago and everyone(both teams) want that fight.But you know what happen?Bivol went with DAZN...for somes reasons...end of story.
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    Canelo staying to defend at 168 would be a waste of his prime… after seeing Benavidez and Charlos’ last fights it’s clear they would be easy work.

    My guess is that going up to cruiser is a prelude to fighting at 175 full time and that he will never fight at 168 again… my guess is that he’ll take an “easy” fight like Joe Smith or Zurdo next September then try to unify in 2023… all of this is way more interesting than watching him counter Benavidez to an early stoppage.
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    He smashes everyone at 168

    He's already won a title at 175 and beaten the latest addition to the division in Callum Smith comfortably.

    He can go up to Cruiser with the intention of beating Makabu and winning a title in yet another division whilst still being able to come back down to 175 and fight Beterbiev or Bivol.
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    Go fight Briedis you ***** *********.
    And this guy is rated as Number 1 P4P, when there is only one true P4P king and that is Oleksandr Usyk !!!!
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