Canelos improvement since Floyd has been extremely exaggerated.

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Quina74, May 10, 2021.

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    Jan 5, 2017
    the even playing field doesn't exist because there isn't one federation.
    everyone else is just exploiting that to their own ends.
    you're shooting the messenger.
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    Apr 25, 2019
    Have I got proof of opponents not coming to win? Sorry, are you ****ing stupid? You think these boxers would actually say they didn't come to win or there's some written agreement that theyd not come to win. You watch the fight and judge the performance. None of Canelos have come to win since GGG. Canelos counterpunching has improved but not to the extent you fanboys would like to believe. Kovalev = sparring session, Smith= let's go on the backfoot, not throw any straight shots and let Canelo plod towards with no head movement. It's not difficult, you watch the fight. Anyone who thinks Canelos counterpunching, which is highly overrated in of itself, stops an opponent from even bothering to land punches is quite frankly ridiculous.

    You having to cite youtube videos is telling
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    Jan 22, 2015
    Well the opponent has to make it a fight too, no?
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    Jan 22, 2015
    Cursing to posters is a cop out trying to convince people that you know what youre talking about.. nobody is listening bro. Move on.
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    Yeah can't deny that.
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    Aug 1, 2012
    Of course.
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    Plod forward with no head movement? If that's really what he was doing he would get his block knocked off by any Top 10 fighter.

    Canelo lulls his opponents into throwing the punches he wants them to throw so he can time the perfect shots. He mixes up between high and low guard to condition fighters to throwing what they feel are safe shots. And you wouldn't be bored if you watch Canelos footwork with his range/spacing.

    And I'm not even a fanboy. Canelo is not one of my favorite fighters but I can respect his craft.
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    Jun 10, 2013
    I dont see much improvement in canelo skillset either...he still use the same exact moves.the true difference imo is his gas tank wich is much better since he left 154
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    AAAAAAAAAAAAAMEN BROTHA!!!!! I said this and people straight up said I was dumb. I simply asked who has Canelo fought since Floyd that leads people to believe he has grown and become so much better. Fools went mad. He has improved, but he isn't a completely different fighter today then when he fought FM.
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    Enjoy his greatness because it doesn’t come around often.
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    Exagerated or not they are there to see.
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    Dec 20, 2020
    I think both sides (huggers and haters) are playing up / down his improvement a bit too much on either side to be honest.

    He was obviously already highly skilled when he faced Floyd. the question was how he going to take that loss, and where he would go from there.

    My 2c:-

    On the one hand, his improvements in timing, defense (especially head movement) and power have been pretty obvious, as has been his style adaptation, especially when you contrast pre and post GGG.

    On the other hand, GGG aside his level of comp has not been as great as it should be to deserve some of the hyperbola that he gets.

    One thing I would say, that folks can't have their cake and eat it to suit their agendas:-

    1) Folks on the one hand can't say that GGG is not elite and "only fought bums" but then hold him up as an example of how elite/improved Canelo is
    2) Folks also can't be saying that Canelo is now "walking through people with loaded gloves, o n HGH and PCP, HULK SMASH!!!", then saying, "actually he's not really that much better" ;)
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    Haters hate, lovers love. Can't stop that from happening. But you're 100% correct in your assessment.
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    Dec 17, 2004
    Let's all be normal for a little minute I know you lot love kicking off with each other bit let's get some middle ground. Alvarez has had 16 fights since the Mayweather fight ranging from light middle to light heavy. His best won before Mayweather was Austin trout!! He has since beat decent fighters up at bigger weights and the improvement in defence and shot selection is there to see. On the other side of the coin has he BEATEN anyone I consider amazing no he hasnt and in an era of the good super middleweight from Joe calzaghe to andre ward he may have more losses and I think the old school like fab four and Mike McCallum and more would beat him. So being a normal educated boxing fan we say Alvarez has gone from being inexperienced and at world level slightly limited to a world class fighter through 4 different weights and beaten most, but also does he lose to lots of legends at super middle ir middle then yes he does but let's get somewhere in the middle instead of one saying **** he hasnt even improved since he was 23 and some saying he is God. Lots in between the two lads
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    Jun 23, 2005
    Canelo is the best fighter in the world today P4P #1. With that said despite him being the best there are simply no fighters out there today who can exploit his flaws mainly his lack of footspeed. You can see despite him beating Saunders rather easily that a guy with great movement can still trouble him. BJS was just simply not good enough to pull it off, he's not elite. There are really no elite fighters out there for him to fight 175 and down. I believe that if a guy like Ward who was elite was still around he would have been able to exploit the flaws in Canelo's game. Ward was a complete fighter who could fight at all ranges with good ring IQ and defense on top of that he was very mentally tough and very strong. He would be a nightmare for Canelo if he was prime today and fighting at 168 because he could bully him on the inside and outbox him on the outside. There are some guys who present stylistic threats like Bivol a guy who shows great movement and skills but his level of comp prevents me from picking him over Canelo. We simply don't know how good he is. Plant is another but he's no where near good enough. In closing Canelo is stronger now but looks to be much better now because his level of comp is no where as good as him. He's heads and shoulders above the guys he's fighting not his fault but it is what it is. If guys like a prime Ward were around you would see how much better he really got or is it the level of comp? This is not a knock on Canelo, I'm a fan but these are the facts. I still rate Canelo P4P #1 and don't see anyone beating him 175 and down for a long time because you can't knock him out and there's no one 175 and down who can outbox him. He will possibly go down as the GOAT of Mexican boxing.