Cheeseman vs Metcalf thread

Discussion in 'British Boxing Forum' started by james5000, Mar 28, 2021.

  1. DramaShow

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    Dec 22, 2020
    Cheeseman would definitely beat Fowler over 12 rounds. Fowler gasses after 4, my only concern would be that Ted deflects a lot of shots with his head.
  2. Dannymita

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    Jan 21, 2019
    I've already made this comment in the rbr but this was best British title fight I've seen in a long time...u could see how much it meant and they went all out... probably taken a few years off each others careers...reminded me of Macklin Vs Moore but not as good

    Massive respect to both
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  3. Little brian

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    Jul 21, 2019
    When has fowler really gassed after 4?
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  4. iamthegreatest

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    May 4, 2020
    Phenomenal fight - by far, best scrap of the night.

    Metcalf's chin was incredible. Took so many flush shots. The judges on the night had Cheeseman well ahead on points but I thought it was much closer. Some of the rounds were hard to score and could have gone either way. Would love a rematch simply because of their styles gelling so well but obviously that wouldn't happen.
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  5. DramaShow

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    Dec 22, 2020
    He gassed against Fitzgerald and Rose, started off well and then slowed down and gave away the middle rounds.

    How would you guys rank Hamzah Sheeraz against the likes of Cheeseman and Fowler?
  6. Little brian

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    Jul 21, 2019
    Didnt he pummell fitzy to near defeat in the 9th round? Maybe we have differing views of gassed. To me gassing is what david price does. But hey ho.

    Never even watched sheeraz tbh mate.
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  7. Donald Donaldson

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    Oct 1, 2020
    Fight of the night for sure, I was looking forward to this a lot more than the main event and it lived up to expectations.

    This is what a British title fight should be- tough, 50-50 match up's, producing memorable fights.

    My take on Cheeseman:

    He has (for him at least) the very unfortunate combination of a great chin and very little punch power. He's had 4 consecutive 12 round all out wars, with Sat night being nearly the same, 11 rounds.

    I am not a fan of his, but even so trying to be objective, he won that fight on Saturday as he is the significant younger and more active fighter. JJ Metcalf for me is a bigger puncher, and looked physically much bigger in there, but he has not been active and due to that would not have been in regular camps. Irregular stop start training when your in your 30's along with fight inactivity will have a serious impact on your stamina when it comes to the championship arounds in a long fight. Ted's engine is very very good and it won him the fight, for me Metcalf got stopped because he was simply exhausted.

    I don't think Cheeseman beat Fitz, close fight but he lost it. I don't know who agrees with me on this but I actually thought he got a decision against Conway with the draw, as he is a much bigger name, a Tony Sims fighter and is in Eddies plans whilst Conway was a total unknown small hall fighter. Conway got 2-3 weeks notice for that fight, Cheeseman had a full camp.

    Cheeseman is a good boxer and has great stamina but has a shocking defense, and very little power. He also has a lot of miles on the clock and at 25 has taken a crazy amount of punishment.

    Would love to see him fight Fowler, or Conway again. Wouldn't make him the favorite in either fight...
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  8. boxberry92

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    Jun 22, 2008
    I personally think Cheeseman is improving and learning with every fight albeit the hard way, especially in terms of how he paces the championship distance.

    If he fights Fitzgerald again, I think he would beat him pretty comfortably and I would also back him to outwork Fowler over 12 rounds. The fact he took a couple of middle rounds off against Metcalf enabled him to take him out in the championship rounds and that is experience and learning from the mistakes in the Fitzgerald fight.

    I was not much of fan of Cheeseman prior to the Garcia fight, but I am now and I think Matchroom will continue to USE him as regular support on the PPV shows now. Hopefully he is not overmatched and gets out of the sport financially secure.

    Matchroom need another PPV star sooner rather than later and I would not be surprised if Cheeseman is eventually fed to Eubank Jnr later in the year. Eubank Jnr is pretty much the only other British fighter out their with PPV potential that Matchroom has access to.
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  9. Oreet Cha!

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    Jul 18, 2018
    Totally agree on both points.

    Against Fitz, I scored it as follows.

    R1 Ted
    R2 Ted
    R3 Ted
    R4 Fitz
    R5 Fitz
    R6 Close
    R7 Close
    R8 Close
    R9 Fitz
    R10 Fitz
    R11 Fitz
    R12 Fitz

    The best Ted could have hoped for here was a Draw but Fitz probably edged it 7-5 although some might well argue 8-4. It is all about R 6-8. Very very tight and close rounds.

    Fitz in both the Fowler and Ted fights started off slow losing the first 3 Rounds in each fight but despite his issues at the time, he still had the chin and stamina to see both fights through coming on very strong in the latter rounds. A fully focused Fitz - and I truly believe he'll seize this 2nd chance - beats Fowler and Ted again.

    Against Fowler, I scored it 96-93 to Fitz.

    Fowler R1,2,3,9

    Fitz R4,5,6,7,8,10

    Conway was very very unlucky v Ted, whilst carrying no pop, he out boxed him quite well.

    Long live this healthy domestic 154 level. Great times ahead.
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  10. Applecore

    Applecore New Member banned Full Member

    Mar 29, 2021
    Yeah mate. Hearn should sign a few more as well like Kieron Smith, Steven Donnelly. And just keep it rolling with the match ups and may the best man/men come through.
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  11. BoxingABC1

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    Sep 21, 2016
    Thought Cheeseman looked very good on Saturday. Maybe it's because of his last few fights but people talking about how he took a lot of punishment as per usual, but I actually thought the opposite.
  12. james5000

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    Apr 11, 2010
    I think I had the fight 10-2 to Cheese, could see 8-4 if being generous to Fitzy
  13. LoadedGlove

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    Dec 6, 2019
    What a pity Jason Welborn has missed this train. The Welborn who battered Marcus Morrison and pushed Matthew Macklin all the way would be a fans' dream against any of the boys mentioned in this thread.
    Sam Eggington too.
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  14. Furey

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    Oct 18, 2009
    Lol no chance
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  15. Applecore

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    Mar 29, 2021
    Ted Cheeseman is only 25 and has fought

    Sergio Garcia
    Scott Fitzgerald
    Sam Eggington
    James Metcalf
    Kieron Conway
    Carson Jones
    Asinia Byfield

    With his style of fighting and how tough hes being matched . I doubt he'll be boxing in his 30s. I hope Eddie covers his medical bills if he gets brain damage