Chris Byrd: "I'm making a comeback at middleweight, Golovkin is the fight I want!"

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by iceferg, Jan 13, 2021.

  1. iceferg

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    Apr 25, 2008

    I just had former heavyweight great Chris Byrd on my podcast and in this clip he says that he is making a comeback at middleweight in his 50's and wants to fight Golovkin.

    I advised him against this towards the end and said I'd rather see him in the masters league with Tyson and/or others of that age and era.

    It was an interesting one though this man was Olympic silver medalist and beat greats like Holyfield, Vitali Klitschko and David Tua.

    Full video here the above one is just a clip of him talking about fighting Golovkin.

    I'm going to get a few more champions in soon already had Antonio Tarver, Nate Campbell, Steve Cunningham and now Chris Byrd all very underrated fighters in my opinion.
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  2. RockyMarciano

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    Jul 8, 2009
    He looks terrible in the gym...worst idea of his life.
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  3. iceferg

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    Apr 25, 2008
    Not seen any videos.
  4. janitor

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    Feb 15, 2006
    I assume that he is joking.
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  5. FromBuenosAires

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    Jul 31, 2019
    another former pro desperate for attention.
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  6. Tyson379

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    Apr 28, 2013
  7. iceferg

    iceferg Boxing Junkie Full Member

    Apr 25, 2008
    He seems serious mate. Obviously that fight won't happen but it's interesting that he won an Olympic medal at middleweight. Makes you wonder what he would have achieved if he stayed at that weight.
  8. The Senator

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    Dec 10, 2017
    It wasn't that long ago that someone posted an article that detailed how much Byrd's suffered from injures and damage from his career. I can't imagine this is serious.
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  9. ForemanJab

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    May 8, 2014
    Byrd looks like he’s training for a Cast Away reboot. The vegan lifestyle has probably taken years off his life.
  10. Somali Sanil

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    Sep 1, 2019
    He’s not strong enough for a hard spar imo. He looked terribly weak in a vid I seen recently, like unhealthily thin
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  11. kirk

    kirk l l l Staff Member

    Jul 26, 2004
    Wouldnt be a total shock to me if Golovkin actually fought him too.
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  12. Decker

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    Jul 7, 2007
    I didn't realize Byrd took that many shots to the head. But HW shots are damaging. He should've fought at CW, but he wanted mo $.

    He's not fighting GGG or mother goose at this stage.
  13. Manu Vatuvei

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    Apr 21, 2011
    I’ve read a few Byrd interviews over the years and I think this is totally in keeping with his mentality.

    According to himself, he turned pro weighing less than 170lb (without cutting weight) and intended to campaign at either 154 or 160. After 1 or 2 fights he decided (seemingly quite irrationally and prematurely imo) that he wasn’t going to get a promotional push at those weights and for some reason (again, it doesn’t really make sense) he decided that eating his way to slightly north of 200lb and fighting at heavyweight was the thing to do.

    Unfortunately, having turned an insane and illogical dream into reality once, it’s believable that he thinks he can do it again. It’s that sort of committed madness that sometimes gets these guys to the top.
  14. Rico Spadafora

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    Feb 20, 2008
    Didn’t his wife divorce him and take most his money?
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  15. Soxial experimennt 2.0

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    Jan 11, 2021