Classic’s prediction on Fury’s all time ranking?

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    Jun 25, 2014
    A sample of 50 of today's best fighters. Here were my findings:
    * 74% won a world title in their first attempt

    So, the BEST fighters today won world titles in their first attempt 74 percent of the time?

    Should this be higher or lower, exactly, than those top fighters from the 1970s and earlier?

    Is he suggesting a greater number of top fighters lost their first attempts at a titles in the olden days, which 'proves' how tuff it was back then? (LOL)

    I mean, certainly Jim Corbett, Bob Fitzsimmons, Jim Jeffries, Tommy Burns, Jack Johnson, Jess Willard, Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney, Max Schmeling, Primo Carnera, Max Baer, Joe Louis, Ezzard Charles, Rocky Marciano, Floyd Patterson, Sonny Liston, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Leon Spinks (even Terrell, Ellis and Holmes) ... all lost their first attempts at the world heavyweight title ... who can ever forget those failed first attempts, right? But persistence paid off. (sarcasm).

    How many of the top heavyweight fighters actually lost their first attempt and won it later? Sharkey. Walcott. Do we include Norton?

    Tyson Fury won the title on his first attempt. Is that BAD? Should he have lost to 64-3 Wlad Klitschko, so we knew Wlad was a good champ? (LOL)
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    Those numbers do seem pretty arbitrary and ridiculous.

    What does "50 top fighters" mean? Are 50 names too many to type? (LOL) How does he judge who a "ranked" fighter is? What's his definition of a 'competitive' fight? How many names do you need for an accurate sample?

    And the top 50 fighters often change from fight to fight, all the time. They aren't static for decades.

    Just another opinion with a calculator.

    Doesn't really have much to do with this topic.
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    I hate to see Norton's name in there. He put in work throughout his career. Fought alot of good fighters. Without blind judges he is top 10.
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    Jun 25, 2014
    I wouldn't go that far. You take care of blind judges by knocking people out. When the competition stepped up, Ken tended to box people close or get blown out himself.

    Norton was never the dominant heavyweight.
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    First of all... I want to apologize, for calling you a liar in that other post. The post of yours I linked to, sounded like those findings were from your own research - but I now understand, it was Mike Silver's work. So sorry about that!

    Also I want to make it clear, that I have no agenda, when it comes to the "Old vs New" debate. I'm interested in boxing history and couldn't care less, whether modern boxers are better or worse than the old-timers. I do find the debate interesting - but only to a point!

    I'm certainly not unwilling to accept the opinion of others, but when someone claims that Tommy Burns would defeat Deontay Wilder, that Carpentier would beat Tua or that Billy Conn would flatten Usyk... I'm sorry, but I can't take such opinions seriously!

    A few pages back you said: Boxing is well documented about this last few decades as been less the skilled sport than it ever was. "Well documented"- really? Who decides that this is a FACT? Mike Silver, or you - or oldtimers like Don Turner, who believe Mayweather would be just another 6-round fighter "back in the day"?

    I have been interested in boxing for 58 years, and don't need the help of nostalgic fairy tales to form my own opinion!

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    Agree, Bukkake, Agree.
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