Confirmation by Frank Warren Usyk ducked Tyson Fury, reveals emails, talks numbers

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    He is number one for sure. Of course he deserves to be paid well but like any other sport / business your value and pay is dependent on what the commercial value you hold is and how much revenue you generate. In my opinion he doesn’t deserve 70% of Usyk split as the reason the fight is so big is down to the fact all four belts are there and Usyk has 3 of them. He’s also performed well in UK PPV. Fury is a businessman though. The risk reward needs to work for him and if he can get £10mil for fighting Chisoras he will do that. Hell i would do the same
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    I don't think he well above the rest until he beats Usyk. Personally, I find the 'charisma and humour' gets a bit wearing after a while. The constant bull****, and I don't really need to hear the 101 dossiers and ****houses rant. A year or so ago I have regarded myself as a Fury fan. While I still think he an excellent fighter I would support Joyce or Usyk against him - not saying they would beat him but I would want him to.

    A issue in terms of money seems to be that the biggest paydays at heavyweight are in the Middle East (particularly Saudi). These fight are effectively subsidised by government as a sports washing exercises. Usyk and Joshua will both have beaten Tyson highest ever purse in their rematch. Fury seems to find it difficult to make fights in the Middle East - rumour has it due to Saudis being put off by his connections with a legitimate businessman from Tallaght (although many leaders of the Saudi regime make this gentleman look like angel). I also wonder if they worry about Tyson likely pre fight antics at press conferences etc. You got to sell a shed load of PPV to compete with the site fees Saudi offer. My understanding is the Saudi effectively buy the fight, so own all TV rights etc but will give a fee well in excess of what they likely to make back through the sale of global rights- with the loss being a consider a investment in PR.

    So although Tyson may shift more PPV he is not necessarily the top commercial prospect in the division. Financially, the best model for Usyk-Fury would have been a fight in the Middle East. Usyk had agreed a deal for this, for whatever reason Tyson was unable to do so
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