Conor Benn, what do we think?

Discussion in 'World Boxing Forum' started by Dodgy Syrup, Jun 15, 2021.

Conor Benn - will he ever be the top guy at 147?

  1. No chance

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  2. Yes, just a matter of time

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  3. Not sure, too early to say

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  1. PatCash

    PatCash Member Full Member

    Aug 9, 2019
    Only fought one semi credible opponent in Formella its hard to tell if he's even beyond British Level, needs to fight Mckinson next rather than washed up International Fighters that show us nothing
  2. DON1

    DON1 ICEMAN Full Member

    Apr 6, 2006
    I hear what u are saying. I'm not a fan of Porter tbh, but the fact remains he is teak-tough, former world champ. lost only to elite fighters at their best. Benn has literally fought nobody remotely near that level, he is a hyped-up by-name domestic level fighter. You can he the way he shapes up that he doesn't have pedigree. He is fit, young and hungry, confident, and can sell tickets. So no doubt if they match him right he will be successful and make good money but if he is put anywhere near the bears he gets eaten alive.
  3. The G-Man

    The G-Man Boxing Addict Full Member

    Jul 24, 2020
    He doesnt need to reach the top to have a succesful career.