Contemporary views on the Louis that faced Marciano

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    Feb 11, 2005
    Here we go. Here is what those who followed Louis thru his career thought of the version that was going to enter the ring against Marciano in the week or so before the fight. Oh, but please, enlighten us to what these folks did not know.

    Roscoe D Bennett, Grand Rapids Times
    "Joe, almost 40 years old,slow and heavier, is no match physically for Marciano, 27 years old... In his best days Louis used to be a target hard to hit. He is not that any more. Almost anyone can hit him. He used to be strong and fast and if he were tagged could shake it off and come roaring back. He cannot do that any more. His reflexes have slowed and even if he sees an opening he cannot react fast enough to take advantage of it... It is too bad the show is going to be televised."

    Grantland Rice on 10/24/51
    "He has lost his former hand speed. He has blown most of his quick reflexes. He has dropped a good part of his punch...
    Louis has been belting second-rate opponents with almost everything he had without an great damage resulting... If he hasn't lost his knockout punch, at least he has misplaced it. For most of his opponents lately can't actually fight a lick..."

    Oscar Fraley (United Press)
    "Louis has that slight but unbeatable bulge around the middle. Now even with a string of setup victories behind him he has come back once too often.
    He is a long way from the Louis who defended the heavyweight title 25 times...But the battered pride deep inside - and that shaky financial condition- sent him back once more."

    Grantland Rick on 10/21/51
    "Louis can no longer move around... He has lost his old punch. He has been belting second and third-raters around without knocking them out.

    Bill Corum (International News Service)
    "I'm scared for Joe this time. I'm afraid (Marciano) will knock him out...
    The majority seems to feel Joe is washed up and the worst they can be is partially right. "

    Earl Lofquist, Providence Journal
    "Old fighters do not know when they are done and Louis is no exception...
    The sad truth is that Louis has not looked good in any fight since the evening he was badly beaten by Charles... Nor has he fought anybody of any importance in the course of his so-called comeback.
    Joe was not able to catch up with Agramonte in two fights. Nor does Lee Savold count. With all due respect to the British, Lee Savold never has been anything better than a second-rater... Against a man almost as old as himself and whose style was made to order, Joe looked pitifully slow."

    New York Daily News Wire
    "Joe Louis, the aged, faded Brown Bomber, stands at long last on the final threshold of his career...
    Among Joe's (comeback) victims isn't one who can be classed among top-drawer heavyweights. He twice beat the all but punchless Argentine, Cesar Brion, in this span. Other decisions were scored at the expense of such has-beens as Jimmy Bivins, Agramonte, Andy Walker and Freddie Beshore. His only knockout was registerd against the latter, a much-beaten, over-stuffed punching bag.
    (Punching power) He has lost that talent. It has seeped away with the years. He has been playing in a strictly minor league since emerging from retirement against Charles.
    A faded reputation and an occasional left jab won't save him."
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    Excellent finds! Here's another from after the fight. I just posted this in the Marciano-Alvarez thread.

    "In his hey day louis would have scorned such punching and stepped harmlessly away.

    Louis of Old No More.

    But the Louis of his hey-day is no more. This Joe Louis with blunt reflexes and only mechanical motions couldn't take advantage of his many opportunities. The scowling young bull swarmed over Louis in the very first round. Where was the famed Louis jab that was to slice this boy to ribbons? Where was the ring generalship that was to put this awkward youngster in his place?"

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    Oct 25, 2006
    Any reasonable man would agree with the above. It was obvious.

    But Rocky did what he had to do. It was an important fight because it was a symbolic passing of the torch.
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    Did he walk to the ring with a walking cane?
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    No he forgot it. Are you suggesting that if he hadn't, he could have used it to cane Marciano? If that's what you are saying, I agree wholeheartedly. A cane might have come in handy for old Joe that evening! Kind of hard to handle with boxing gloves, though.
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    Oct 4, 2016
    And as shot as Joe was, Marciano still couldn't avoid his jab,
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    Rockistas are automatically disqualified :lol:
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    "I couldn't avoid those jabs. I just had to take them"
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    Apr 27, 2005

    Except for the dozens and dozens of times he slipped or parried it.
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    @Seamus is a naughty boi. ;)

    Everyone triggered.
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    Jan 13, 2016
    Joe Louis was a hundred thirty-seven years old when they fought!
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    Oct 12, 2020
    Great, great movie.
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    Yeah, absolutely classic scene.
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    Was actually a good joke and something people like us could appreciate.
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    Louis was beyond shot in this fight, but it doesn't mean that he couldn't fight. He was still beating contenders after all. Rocky did what he was supposed to do, that's all.

    I wouldn't give him half as much chance against prime Louis.
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